Three New Products Available on ASL/English/Spanish Interpreting

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 Toward Effective Practice: Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings

Toward Effective Practices:  interpreting in Spanish-influenced SettingsThis publication adds to the current body of research, literature, and resources by highlighting the myriad elements that comprise the trilingual “big picture.” Through its evidence-based content, the publication offers quantitative data to support long-time anecdotal beliefs. It provides future researchers, fund seekers, and educators with new data and reference materials to use as they move forward with their work. It offers practitioners a greater understanding of what they do and promotes strategies for mobilization. Finally, it educates stakeholders and the public, including employers, as to the nature and uniqueness of this specialization.
The publication, written in both English and Spanish, is available free of charge as a download at NCIEC.
Download in SpanishDownload in English
In addition, both publications can be purchased as bound hard-copy books at at a price of $12.34 for black and white and $62.63 for full color.

 Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings: Video Vignettes of Working Trilingual Interpreters (ASL/Spanish/English)

Interpreting in Spanish-influenced Settings:  Video VignettesThis DVD set depicts trilingual interpreters at work in a number of unique settings, including social services, education and VRS.  The vignettes demonstrate the complexity of trilingual interpreting, including Deaf/hearing trilingual teams.  The vignettes also provide educational source materials for educators, mentors and students.
This product is available free of charge by request through the NCIEC. Click here to complete an order form.

 Compendium of Essential Readings for Interpreters

These readings, commonly used in interpreting education and Deaf studies curricula, and deemed essential by interpreter educators across the US, have been translated into Spanish. Each item is downloadable on the NCIEC website.
Compendium of Essential Readings
Additional resources from NCIEC are available on