New Books to Enhance Your Interpreting Programs

Grey book cover with white writingEthics, Professionalism, and Decision-Making

establishes a foundation by introducing ethical theories and frameworks.  It progresses by discussing codes of ethics that exist in various professions – after all, as interpreters, we work within settings such as social work, education, medical, etc. and their professions may have their own professional ethics.  It behooves interpreters to not only know our own professional code, but also to have an understanding of other codes.  The book encourages students to look for similarities and differences amongst the codes.  The book continues through national and state level legislation.  Ultimately, the final chapter poses over 20 different scenarios in which students and interpreters are encouraged to incorporate what they have learned throughout the book.  Guided by you as an instructor and professional interpreter, your students will develop sound decision-making abilities strongly rooted in ethics.   

Available on Amazon – ISBN:  978-1689349680

Blue book cover with photos of hands signing interpreting and skillsBuilding Interpreting Skills

is NOT a level one book.  It was specifically created with the understanding that students already have developed signing skills and that they have been introduced to processing skills.  This book scaffolds the student through core competencies that are inherent in day-to-day interpreting.  These are the very core skills that all interpreters should master.  Each chapter and new skill has a rubric that is clear and specific.  Also, because this is a scaffolding approach, the rubrics incorporate the competency expectations from the previous chapters.  Students are encouraged, and expected, to conduct independent research as well.  The expectation is set high and the question of skill and work-readiness is posed in the book so that students understand that they’re about to enter a high-risk profession.  As we know, the education, health, vocations – and more – of the deaf consumers may quite literally be in the ‘hands’ of the interpreter.  Encourage your students to meet this high expectation with integrity and skill.             

Available on Amazon – ISBN:  978-1793146687

Purple, orange and yellow book cover with the title of the book and images of hands signing interpretingThe Interpreter Handbook

is the 4th edition of the original book created by Linda Humphreys.  It is full of information related to the overall profession of interpreting.  Students should gain this knowledge in their educational programs so that they have the knowledge and skills discussed prior to beginning their work in the profession.

Available on Amazon – ISBN:  978-0972416139

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