Tentative Webinar Schedule for 2015

Mondays, 7-8 pm Eastern
 Mark your calendars for these upcoming NIEC Webinars! If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, please sign up by clicking the button below.
January 5: Rescheduled: Deaf Interpreter Curriculum—A Panel Discussion
February 9: Casebook for Healthcare Interpreting
March 16: National Center Update
April 13: Legal Interpreting: Development, Structure, and Availability of the Various Legal Curricula
May 11: Interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitation: Training Resources
June 8: Interpreting is Spanish-Influenced Settings: Training Resources
For more information and to register, visit
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NCIEC Evaluations

Our many thanks to those of you who have patiently taken part in one or more of the evaluation surveys that have come your way in recent weeks. Evaluation is, admittedly, a bit of drudgery. But it is a necessity if we are to see federal grant funding continue to support interpreting education. If you have seen the impact of the NCIEC’s work, please express it in a survey when you receive one by email. For some focal products and services, we invite your participation in an interview. Your feedback is critical. How else would we—and our funders—know whether our work is making a difference?

UPDATE: VRSII Interpreter Educator Symposium
“Creating Connections—Expanding Possibilities:
Infusing NCIEC Resources into Interpreter Education”
March 4 – 6, 2015
We are pleased to announce that this three-day symposium, offered by VRSII in collaboration with the NCIEC, is now full to capacity.
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