Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Face to Face Board Meeting
Portland, Oregon
September 6-7, 2013

Persons present:  Leslie Greer, Cindy Volk, Richard Laurion, Carole Lazorisak, Kimberly Hale, Samond Bishra
Absent:  Jimmy Beldon, Wink Smith, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman*, Annette Miner*
Meeting was opened by President Greer at 8:05 am PST on September 6.
Minutes from the July meeting were approved with one minor revision.
President Report (Leslie Greer)

  1. Leslie attended the  ASLTA conference in July. We still need to work on publicizing CIT within ASLTA.
  2. Cathy Cogen emailed Leslie to participate on Sept 10 in the Interpreter Professional Organizations meeting.

Secretary report (Cindy Volk)

  1. Discussion about the possible 2003 MOU with CIT-RID. This needs to be located. If we have a new MOU, it should be kept on the website.
  2. Discussion about having the Mary Stotler award recognition at the RID convention.
  3. Discussion about having CIT representation on different RID committees and how those representatives would report back to CIT.
  4. Discussion about the CIT 2014 Conference Facebook page.
  5. Discussion about the meeting between the CIT board and the RID President and Executive Director that happened at the RID conference. Items discussed included the Mary Stotler award, CIT representatives on RID committees, stakeholder meetings, a staggered system of elections, and a potential CIT-RID MOU.
  6. Discussion about the CIT booth at the RID convention and the difficulty with the current display system we have. The board approved that we investigate the sale of the current display system and replace it with a more user friendly stem. Unanimous. B2013:10. The board approved that we sell the current display. Unanimous. B2013.11. The board approved that we investigate the purchase of a pop up exhibit booth display. Unanimous. B2013:12
  7. Discussion about making sure that members know that according to our bylaws, the President can appoint members to the board in case of resignation.  This was announced on the website.
  8. Discussion about the strategic plan changes based on the Tucson Strategic Planning meeting. Carole will assist Cindy with this.

Treasurer Report (Richard Laurion)

  1. CIT currently has approximately $84,000 in our account.
  2. Each board member who needs a budget must submit their projected expenses for the next year to Richard. CIT should be audited every year by an independent auditor. The board approved that CIT investigate a process for conducting an annual audit. Unanimous.  B2013:13.

Director of Membership Report (Jessica Bentley-Sassaman- via email)

  1. Discussion about institutional membership. Institutional membership  currently is non-voting. Discussion about having two institutional members present at the conference be able to vote. Discussion about Jessica coming up with recommendations for this. Bylaws state that the institutional membership is an organization, not an individual.

Director of Professional Development Report (Carole Lazorisak)

  1. Carole attended the ASLTA conference and had a booth to recruit new members.  She got 20 more people interested in becoming members of CIT. She was able to publicize that CIT is not just an organization for people who are interpreter trainers.
  2. Carole has been very involved with the hotel negotiations for the 2014 conference.

Director of Public Relations Report (Samond Bishra)

  1. Samond interviewed some of the past CIT presidents during the RID conference. He will continue with this in preparation for our upcoming conference.
  2. Samond will be working on the diversity demographics and will develop a survey for that.

Director of Research and Publications Report (Kimberly Hale-for Annette Miner)

  1. Kimberly reported that the proceedings from last conference are ready.   For now they will be sent to all current members through email and also to those who were at the conference but are not members of CIT.
  2. Discussion about whether or not we should continue with the proceedings.
  1. Kimberly and Annette met for 3 hours to discuss the transition from Annette to Kimberly when Annette resigns in December.
  2. Discussion regarding journal fees to a library that has several institutions under it.  Doug, Annette and Kimberly have an idea about how to charge for this. There is an institution in Norway who needs an answer on this. The board approved that for this first university we charge them $150 for their 5 sites and let them know the cost will probably be going up.  Unanimous. B2013:14.   We will continue to investigate a better solution to this issue.

2014 Conference Discussion (led by Carole)

  1. Next year is our 20th conference and our 35th anniversary as an organization.
  2. Discussion regarding rooms and conference scheduling all afternoon
  3. Decided to only have interpreters for deaf-blind.
  4. Decided that we prefer that the call for proposals will be submitted in ASL
  5. Discussion about hotel floor plan/layout.
  6. Discussion about sponsors for the conference and having sponsors sponsor a room and give presentations/book signings in that room.
  7. Discussion about the VIP reception.

Saturday, September 7
The meeting was opened at 8:45 am by President, Leslie Greer. Jimmy Beldon joined the meeting through Fuze from 12:00pm – 1:00 pm.
Continued Conference Discussion

  1. Discussion about conference scheduling, rooms, food and breaks.
  2. Discussions about having board members share a room at face to face meetings and conferences. If a board member prefers a single room (or are bringing someone with them), then only ½ of the room is covered. The only exception is if the additional person provides some kind of in-kind contribution to a committee or to the board. The in-kind contribution will be determined by the board.
  3. The board approved that for the 2014 conference, the banquet fees will be included in the registration price.  Motion carried, one opposed.  B2013:15.
  4. The board approved that the 2014 registration costs will be:

$350 – 35th anniversary special for the first 35 people  on-line only
$425 for early bird – By April 15
$465  regular – April 16 – October 8
$525 Late/on-site

  1. Discussion about wording for registration form:  “If you do not plan to attend the banquet, please check this box.  Your ticket will be donated to a Deaf community member”.
  2. Idea- give local deaf community a special rate to just attend the plenaries.  Advertise this through local means. Other possibilities are: a rate for two plenaries,  a plenary plus the opening, or a plenary plus the closing/and or banquet.  People who buy one of these combos then put their name on a list for who gets the free banquet tickets.  We won’t be able to guarantee banquet tickets for on-site registration.
  3. Idea of having  a state competition as to how many have registered from each state. Discuss with Doug if this is possible to do on the website.
  4. Have a “Meet the Board” open forum.  The board can address questions from the members and perhaps tell ghost stories if there is time.
  5. Ask everyone to bring costumes for Halloween.
  6. Xenia Woods attended the meeting and we had a lengthy discussion about the local Portland deaf and interpreting communities related to the conference.
  7. Discussion about having a  Live Art Auction at the Banquet instead of a Silent Auction. Or have both, but only have art in the live auction.  Then the deaf artist would have a percentage and a percentage to CIT. Matthew Moore would be the auctioneer. The board approved that we have a live art auction at the conference.  Unanimous. (B2013:16).
  8. Discussion about having deaf storytellers at the conference
  9. Discussion about having name tags that are pinned on (no lanyard).
  10. Discussion about having board members wear some type of identifying jacket or shirt.
  11. Discussion about having a professional photographer doing head shots for members who might want this. Or also having the photographer put together a video of the conference.
  12. Discussion about having a CIT jacket that could be ordered through the website/registration prior to the conference.
  13. Discussion about voting at the business meeting.
  14. Discussion about the 2016 Kentucky CIT conference. Linda Bozeman will be the local coordinator.  Possible cities are Louisville and Lexington.
  15. Discussion about a new rubric for conference proposals and potential committee members.
  16. The board approved paying the keynote and endnote speakers $750 each, plenaries $500 each, plus plane fare, one night hotel and one day perdiem. Unanimous. (B2013:17)
  17. Discussion about interviewing past CIT presidents for the 35th anniversary.
  18. Street Leverage/Brandon Arthur would like to have a presence at the CIT conference similar to the RID conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:39 pm PST.  The next meeting is Thursday, October 10 at 12:00 PST.
* Indicates an excused absence.