CIT Board Meeting
September 9, 2012
Official Minutes

Meeting opened at 5:06pm EST
Present: President Brian Morrison, Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director or Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner, Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman
Not present:

  1. Approval of Minutes: Carla (Richard) Passed.
  2. President’s Report (Brian Morrison):
    1. Presidents’ Meeting: NAOBI, Mano-a-mano, RID and CIT Presidents met about three weeks ago to discuss how we can link up and use our resources better. Transitioning to a new President and how that will work out.
    2. CIT-ASLTA Luncheon: Traditionally the luncheon is on Wednesday at noon. Lunch is brought to CIT’s Board meeting and ASLTA’s leadership is invited.
    3. VIP reception: Contacted Fire Water and they have new owners. Will try to arrange for Thursday night.
    4. Director reports for business meeting: Each Director will develop a report that will be put on a PowerPoint for the Business Meeting. Reports should include what has been happening in the last two years.
  3. Vice President’s Report (Carla Mathers):
    1. Philosophy Committee: Discussing the concept of international attendees and communication issues. The final draft was sent out to the Board this morning.  Philosophy Committee cannot solve the conflict between the communication policy of ASL as the official language and international members not having access. Board must approve the Mission and Vision Statements before is goes out to the membership at the conference. Propose to make copies on a specific color paper and put in registration bags. DEADLINE September 23, 2012
    2. Mary Stotler Award: Question –Will talk with the person who nominated that person to see if s/he will introduce the winner.
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Laurion):
    1. RID Call: Got RID’s conference advisor help.  Will exchange in-kind donations for the conference (booth space).
  5. Secretary’s Report (Liz Mendoza):
    1. Dropbox: Many historical documents are uploaded to our shared Dropbox.
    2. Working on one document that shows previous Board members.
  6. Director Reports:
    1. Membership (Julie Simon): Current membership numbers*:

Full Member (voting) – 306 (296)
First-time Full Member (voting) – 23 (18)
Associate Member (non-voting) -41 (37)
First-time Associate (non-voting) – 15 (15)
International Member (non-voting) – 36 (35)
First-time International Member (non-voting) – 4 (4)
Retired (non-voting) – 13 (13)
Institutional Member (non-voting) -18 (17)
Total: 456
* Numbers in parentheses indicate the membership count on August 10, 2012.  Previous total: 435.
Renewal notices for the 2012-2013 Membership year will be sent out by October 1, 2012 via email.

    1. Research and Publications (Annette Miner):
      1. No report.
    2. Technology (Lynne Wiesman):
      1. Streaming: moving along with the CEUs and the technology to stream + getting donations for the silent auction – working on accepting Facebook friends for the FB page and the blog (blocking spammers) and on understanding how to maximize Twitter.
      2. CEUs for Conference
    3. Public Relations and Outreach (Leslie Greer):
      1. Nothing to report.
    4. Professional Development (vacant):
  1. Conference: Meeting with registration next week – 250 registrants so far, which includes comps, too. We expect to get more as the date approaches.
  2. New Business: None
  3. Adjourned at 5:38pm EST Liz (Leslie)

Face-to-face in Charlotte, North Carolina
October 15-17, 2012