CIT Online Board Meeting

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

5:00 pm EST



Present: Brian Morrison, Carla Mathers, Richard Laurion, Annette Miner, Gino Gouby, Lynne Weisman, Leslie Greer, Julie Simon
1.     Approval of August Minutes
2.     President’s Report
a.     Conference Hotel
i.     Sleeping rooms are $119, no charge for the meeting rooms. Financial arrangements will soon switch to conversations between hotel and Ricahrd.
b.     Meeting with conference planning committee
i.     Anna Witter-Merithew and Kellie Stewart will be able to meet with us at our face to face meeting in North Carolina in October
3.     Vice-President’s Report
a.     Intellectual Property Committee
No action taken on this item as of yet. The plan is to draft a blurb regarding the ad hoc committee and then send it out in a CIT bulletin to ask for member interest as well as to contact individual members identified earlier by email who might have a specific interest.
b.     ASLTA
i.     Has not taken the steps to get their own 501c3 as agreed. Brian and Carla will see if Glenna Ashton and Keith Cagle from the ASLTA board can meet with them when we have our face to face meeting in North Carolina.
4.     Treasurer’s Report
a.     Reports are attached. There is a $30,000 report discrepancy. The $30,000 transferred to open the Wells Fargo accounts is reporting on our Profit and Loss statement as a $30,000 expense. Richard will work with the accountant to track this down and ensure the accounts are reported accurately.
b.     The goal is to keep good records on what all our money/checks are spent on as we spend it.
c.     Quarterly financial reports will be submitted to the CIT News for the membership.
5.     Director Reports
a.     Membership
i.     Survey update:
1.     The members’ survey deadline was Monday, August 15, 2011 and was officially closed on Wednesday, August 17, 2011.  282 people started the survey and 267 people completed the survey for a 94.3% completion rate.
2.    The data is being analyzed and a summary will be provided to the CIT Board prior to the fall face-to-face Board meeting.  Survey results will also be shared with the CIT membership as appropriate.
3.    Results will be divided into 7 sections and given to CIT Board by Oct. 1 for review for the face to face meeting and ask questions of Julie since she will not be there.
ii.     Membership Renewal:
1.     Membership renewal notices will be sent out to all current members in September.  Lapsed members will also be sent an email encouraging them to renew.
2.     Lynne offered to help with communication and technology aspects of making the process work. She suggested taking pictures of checks before they are deposited.
b.     Research and Publications
i.     Progress on November journal is going well. Copy editor and Jemina are working to get all the articles
6.     NAOBI Sponsorship
a.     Discussion about whether to sponsor NAOBI’s leadership or not. It was decided that we will not sponsor it, due to the last minute-nature of the request. We support NAOBI and want to work on a relationship with them, but feel that there are more mutually beneficial ways to develop a successful relationship.
b.     CIT needs to develop a sponsorship/donation policy.
7.     October Meeting
a.     Face to face in Charlotte. Friday, 5-9; Saturday, 9-9; Sunday, 9-noon.
8.     New Business
a.     Discussion of format for online meetings. We discussed the possibility of having an interpreter for people who do not have video access, but concerns were raised about having a mostly spoken-English meeting. We need to have a mostly ASL format, with an interpreter available for only one or two people who don’t have video. It would be best to have enough windows for each signer. Will discuss further at the face to face meeting.
9.     Adjournment
Next meeting: Face to face in Charlotte, NC; October 7-9, 2011
Next online meeting: November 13th, 5:00pm EST