CIT Board Meeting
Face to Face Meeting
October 15-17, 2012

October 15, 2012
Present: President Brian Morrison, Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner, Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman, Director of Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer
Not present: None

  1. Call to order at 9:26 am EST
  2. Approval of Minutes: Carla (Liz) move to accept the Minutes from January 8, 2012. Abstain (Julie, Annette) Passed.
  3. President’s Report (Brian Morrison):
    1. Last week had final meeting with NAOBI, Mano-a-mano, RID and CIT Presidents.
    2. Will have meeting with new CIT President for transition of duties.
  4. Vice President’s Report (Carla Mathers):
    1. Mary Stotler Award:
      1. Need $500 for our share of the Mary Stotler Award. Richard Laurion will contact RID for the other $500.
      2. When announced, the committee names will not be public.
    2. Philosophy Committee –
      1. Will make poster-sized versions of the Vision and Mission Statements. Need easels from the hotel.
      2. For handouts, will include both on letterhead, with introduction, on orange paper for easy visibility.
  5. Secretary’s Report (Liz Mendoza):
    1. The committee to review the 2012 Business Meeting is: Jessica Bentley- Sassaman, Carol Patrie and Stacey Storme
  6. Directors’ Reports:
    1. Membership (Julie Simon):
      1. Board members need to renew.
      2. Two new data bases: membership and demographic information
      3. New demographic and data base surveys will be ready to send to the membership at the end of October or the beginning of November.
      4. The compiled Member Survey reports (domestic and international) will be posted on the Members Only section on the website.
      5. Goals for next year (non-conference year)
        1. Maintain current levels
        2. Review membership categories and rates
        3. Transition to a new Membership Director
      6. As of January 28, 2012 there were 489:
        1. Full – 319
        2. Associate – 47
        3. International – 37
        4. Retired – 14
        5. Institutional – 18
    2. Research and Publications (Annette Miner):
      1. Journal should be ready in November. Will have Critical Link plus some others.
      2. Because of the journal now being published twice a year, library subscription costs were raised to cover shipping of print copies:
        1. Subscription: online + print, North America:  $130 (change from $115)
        2. Subscription: online + print, outside North America:  $150 (change from $125)
  7. Presenters at the 2012 CIT Conference have a choice of publishing in the Proceedings or the Journal. Deadline is the end of November.
    1. Technology (Lynne Wiesman):
      1. Will have 16 live streaming members. Will have a link at the end of the streaming for participants to login for CEUs. CEUs will be an aggregate of all sessions, not individual sessions. If a participant needs individual sessions, they need to contact Kat with Signs of Development.
      2. Facebook – needs to be developed more. Have picked a few people to blog live during the conference.


  1. Conference (Kellie Mills Stewart):
    1. Everything seems to be worked out. Friday sat down with hotel and discussed each day for rooms, set up.
    2. Will have accurate counts for lunches and banquet as we get closer. Probably tomorrow will have a more accurate count.
    3. People can still register at the door. We typically get 25-50 people register on-site.
    4. Doug Bowen-Bailey  (Registration) is flying in tonight at 5pm to set up.
    5. Headquarters in the Walden Room.
    6. Silent Auction: Will be set up for three days, Thursday-Saturday, in a room TBD.
    7. Lakeview Room is the Exhibit Hall.
    8. Glen Water is the poster session room.
    9. Will have 15 volunteers.
    10. Agenda:
      1. Introductions
      2. Introduce Board
      3. Alan Hurwitz
      4. Civility video
      5. Announcements
      6. Business Meeting –
        1. Minutes from 2010 meeting were reviewed by David Evans and his committee.
        2. Minutes will be reviewed by Jessica Bentley- Sassaman, David Evans and Stacey Storme.
  2. Old Business – none
  3. New Business

Leslie moved (Annette) to buy CIT a basic printer. Passed unanimously. (B:12:13)
Richard moved (Julie) that at the end of the conference, the printer will be included in the Silent Auction. Passed. One abstention (Carla). (B:12:14).
Richard moved (Carla) that CIT give the volunteers a per diem of $10 for lunch if they are working during the day, and/or $15 for dinner if they work during the evening.  Passed unanimously.
Richard moved  that if the interpreters’ contract permits, that  CIT give them a per diem of $100/day for their food expenses as opposed to the current plan of paying for hotel food. No second, motion dies.
October 16, 2012
Board and Directors will work on individual reports for the PowerPoint presentation at the Business meeting.
October 17, 2012
Board members continued individual reports and conference details.
Lunch with ASLTA Board members 12:00-1:30pm.
Motion to adjourn Carla (Lynne). Passed unanimously. Meeting closed at 2:36pm EST.