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Conference of Interpreter Trainers

On-line Board Meeting

November 10, 2013

Persons present:  Leslie Greer, Cindy Volk, Richard Laurion, Carole Lazorisak, Kimberly Hale (alternate for Annette Miner)
Absent: Jimmy Beldon, Wink Smith, Samond Bishara*, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman*, Annette Miner*
Meeting was opened by President Greer at 1:06 pm PST.
Minutes from the September meeting were approved with two minor revisions.
President Report (Leslie Greer)

  1. The  ASLTA/CIT Task Force needs to be established.
  2. Be sure  to let the CIT secretary know when any board member completes an Action Item so this can be removed from the list.
  3. Discussion about CIT setting up a Twitter account.

Secretary Report (Cindy Volk)

  1. Email motion passed in October. The board approved spending up to $5,000 on a revision of the CIT website to make it more user friendly. (B2013:19)
  2. Discussion about CIT representatives on committees in other organizations such as RID. We will ask our representatives to submit an article/report to the newsletter.
  3. Board approved spending $3,000 to sponsor the “Institute for Legal Interpreting: Highly Effective Interpreting Teams in Action”. One abstention. (B2013:20)

Treasurer Report (Richard Laurion)

  1. Richard   is working with the IRS on a missed 990 filing.
  2. Brandon  Arthur wants to work with us at the CIT conference with live postings and  interviews from the conference.  We need to provide high speed internet for this.
  3. Richard proposed a working budget for the next year as follows:

Revenue (Conference budget is separate):
$30,000 ($20,000  already in) Membership Dues
$  1,500 Publication (IJIE & Ads) sales
$  1,000  Donations
$10,000 Board Meetings
$  7,000 Publication (IJIE & CIT News)
$  5,000 Web Redesign
$  3,500 Sponsorship of other conferences
$  2,000 Insurance
$     500 bank charges and PayPal charge fees
$     500 Registration and Taxes
$  1,000 Scholarships
$     750  Office Expenses
4. The board approved the working budget. (B2013:21).
Director of Professional Development Report (Carole Lazorisak)

  1. Discussion  about having a member shareshop room at the conference.
  2. Call  for proposals for the 2014 CIT conference has gone out.
  3. Discussion  about having a 5K run before the conference as a fundraiser. Have the Portland committee  help with this.
  4. Discussion  about having a Silent Auction with different baskets and each has a theme.   Possibly have vendors donate a basket.

Director of Research and Publications Report (Kimberly Hale-alternate)

  1. Discussion  about having the proceedings published as an e-book.
  2. Kimberly met with Doug and Annette regarding getting information from the database for information related to the journal.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PST.
*represents excused absence