Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Face to Face Board Meeting
Tucson, AZ

May 31, 2013

Persons present:  Leslie Greer, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Carole Lazorisak, Jimmy Beldon, Kimberly Hale, Annette Miner, (via videophone) Windell (Wink) Smith, Jr.
The meeting was opened at 6:30 pm MST by President, Leslie Greer.
2014 Conference Discussion

  1. Carole went to Portland and met with individuals at the Doubletree Hotel.  It is near a large mall, many restaurants and on the train line.
  2. The Oregon/Alaska/Idaho rooms will be used for exhibitors. They can hold a total of 18 tables.
  3. Discussion about ideas for sponsors such as sponsoring a room, a podium, breaks, etc.
  4. Discussion regarding videostreaming the plenaries and the business meeting.  Also perhaps one of the workshop tracks that has a focus on technology. Discussion regarding having two videostreaming prices. One for the plenaries and business meeting and one price for the workshop track.
  5. Discussion regarding how people watching on-line could potentially vote during the business meeting and the possibility of clicker voting. is a website that allows individuals to vote via phone.
  6. Discussion regarding who will be the CEU sponsor.  Discussion regarding separating out each session rather than a lump sum CEU amount.
  7. Discussion regarding potential tracks at the conference for research, a technology shareshop, teaching interpreting and teaching ASL. In the call for papers, indicate areas we are looking for and then determine if they fall into areas for specific tracks.
  8. Discussion regarding archiving the videostreaming from the conference.
  9. Discussion regarding potential individuals for plenary sessions and keynote.
  10. Discussion regarding conference theme.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 pm MST.
Strategic planning sessions on June 1 and June 2.
Board meeting re-opened at 3pm MST on Sunday, June 2, 2013
All present, except Wink.

  1. Discussion about using googledocs for making changes to the strategic plan and dropbox for archiving documents.
  2. Discussion of January 2014 as a deadline for completion of the strategic planning document.
  3. The next face to face meeting will be in Portland on September 6 – 8.  We will arrive in Portland on Thursday September 5th, meet all day the 6th, 7th, and until noon on the 8th.
  4. The next on-line meeting will be July 22 at 3pm EST.  There will not be an on-line meeting in August.
  5. The conference theme for 2014 will be “Our Roots: The Essence of our Future.”. Discussion about a very early registration fee of before November 1, 2013, starting at $350.00.
  6. Discussion about two motions that are coming up at RID that could affect    CIT. One is about having students being able to take the NIC test before they complete a BA, but having the certification held until they receive the degree.   Lynne will poll the membership or have a discussion board for their opinion about this and then Leslie will let people at the RID convention know about the pulse of the CIT membership on this motion.
  7. April, 2013 minutes were approved.
  8. The board approved the new advertising rates. This will be effective July 1, 2013. (B2013:08) They are as follows:
Proposed Advertising Rates
Individuals or Non-Member Institutions Words or Length <100 words 101-200 words >201 words
< 1 minute 1 min – 2 mins > 2 minutes
Email $65 $85 $100
NL $65 $85 $100
Vlog $65 $85 $100
Combo (2) $100 $120 $150
Combo (3) $125 $145 $200
Website $150 $170 $250
Institutional Members Email $50 $65 $85
NL $50 $65 $85
Vlog $50 $65 $85
Combo (2) $75 $100 $120
Combo (3) $100 $125 $145
Website $125 $150 $170

Note:   10% discount will be given for 3 consecutive advertisements.
20% discount for monthly advertisements running not less than 6 months.

9. The board approved the new membership rates.  Those who are retired and wish voting rights will pay the full member dues. They will be effective November 1, 2013. (B2013:09) They are as follows:

Membership Category

Proposed Rate for One Year

Proposed Two-Year Rate

Full Member (Voting)



Associate Member



International (non-voting)



Institutional (non-voting)



Retired (non-voting)



The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 PM MST.