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CIT Board Meeting
May 13, 2012
Process Notes

Meeting opened at 5:05pm EST
Present: President Brian Morrison, Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director of Professional Development Gino Gouby, Director or Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner
Not present: Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman

  1. Approval of Minutes: Passed.
  2. President’s Report (Brian Morrison):
    1. Last week had a meeting about stakeholders: CIT, RID, Acting Executive Director and President, Mano-a-mano, NAOBI, NCIEC leaders met to discuss hosting a meeting sometime in June.
    2. Discussed the conference location and cannot change the location, so will continue to hold the conference in Charlotte, NC to keep our contractual obligations. Brian will draft a response to those members that requested that the Board change location. The response should include that the Board does not have the authority and that the members have voted on the location in 2010. The issue can be discussed at the business meeting in 2012.
    3. NTFDBI Representative-will contact Jan Humphrey
  3. Vice President’s Report (Carla Mathers):
    1. Mary Stotler Award- They are working on screening and selecting the Mary Stotler recipient.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Laurion):
    1. Current Balance: 99,576.35
    2. Monies for the conference:
      1. $25,000+ in Sponsorship
      2. $5,000 in unrestricted cash funds ($3,000 DawnSignPress and $2,000 from SANS)
      3. $20,000 in cash/in kind support ($10,000 from Sorenson for Keynote/Plenary expenses, lanyards and conference bags)
      4. $5,000 from Troy University for video streaming of Keynote/Plenary
      5. $5,000 from NCIEC in support of Plenary and Guest Speaker Alan Hurwitz as well as Deaf interpreters


  1. Secretary’s Report (Liz Mendoza): no report
  2. Director Reports:
    1. Membership (Julie Simon):

Current membership numbers*:
Full Member (voting) – 263 (251)
First-time Full Member (voting) – 11 (9)
Associate Member (non-voting) -31 (30)
First-time Associate (non-voting) – 8 (8)
International Member (non-voting) – 34 (32)
First-time International Member (non-voting) – 2 (1)
Retired (non-voting) – 12 (11)
Institutional Member (non-voting) -16 (16)
Total: 377
* Numbers in parentheses indicate the membership count on April 14, 2012.  Previous total: 358.
Membership packet distribution
Membership packets will be distributed during several upcoming conferences.  The target audience will be people who are presenting at the conferences but who may not be current members of CIT.   Packets will be sent to CIT Board members on May 14, 2012 for the following conferences
RID Region I – Brian
RID Region II – TBD
RID Region III – Richard
RID Region IV – Gino (?)
RID Region V – Liz
TSID – Lynne
Healthcare Symposium – Richard
NAD – Gino
b.   Research and Publications (Annette Miner):

      1. IJIE, Issue 4 should be out this month.
  1. Technology (Lynne Wiesman):

Coordinating between the conference committee and the entities providing:

      1. CEUs for the conference – we have a meeting on that Friday to work out the logistics between NCIEC for the evaluations, Marie Center and how they handled ILI conference, etc. also tracking down those who have not submitted their instructor forms – there was discussion at the last conference meeting regarding just not offering CEUs fro those sessions – this is problematic if too many of them (and there are a good number – the exact number will be reported on Friday) of them do not offer CEUs since we are doing a “blanket” CEU form on the honor system – but if there are significant holes in the conference program for sessions that didn’t complete the Instructor forms (and remember we are submitting to numerous entities this time) then those entities may deem the entire conference unworthy of CEUs – so it’s riskier than just offering the traditional one set of CEUs that have been offered previously. Also working out the details to offer CEUs for the poster session and having some way to have each person who attends at least 6 poster talks to receive one hour for that – more forthcoming on that.
      1. Streaming the sessions for the conference – Troy – this will require more work the closer to the event but there isn’t much to be done until we are a month or so out. On the registration, are people indicating whether they will be attending or just watching the streamed version? I know I had indicated a while back that we needed that. Troy will need a list of the emails for people who are going to be watching the streamed feed. We also need to cut off registration for the streaming version approximately 2 weeks prior so that Troy can then work with those people to make sure they have the correct software, train them on how to use it, do some troubleshooting, etc.

Monitoring Facebook page: included an “event” for the conference and a way people could find out who else is looking for a roommate
Still need to write that mentoring article, we just finished our semester and it’s on my list of things to do this week. It has been started.

      1. Helping Doug with questions regarding ads and whatever he needs support with.


  1. Public Relations and Outreach (Leslie Greer):
      1. No report
  2. Professional Development (Gino Gouby):
      1. No report
  3. Conference:
    1. Interpreter coordinators are selected and the Program will be finished tomorrow. Program is all set and posted on the website
    2. We got funding for Alan Hurwitz to speak on opening night. He will say a few words, 10 minutes.
  4. New Business:
    1. None
  5. Adjourned at 5:41pm EST

SUNDAY, JUNE 17th at 5:00 PM EST