Conference of Interpreter Trainers
On-line Board Meeting
March 16, 2014
Persons attending: Jimmy Beldon, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Samond Bishara (no quorum)
Excused absences: Leslie Greer, Carole Lazorisak, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Unexcused absences: Wink Smith, Kimberly Hale
Vice-President, Jimmy Beldon, opened the meeting at 3:35 PST.

President Report (reported by Jimmy Beldon)

  1.  Leslie and Cindy are still working on vendors and sponsors for the conference.
  2. Leslie wants all members of the board to submit a video immediately for the next issue of the CIT News Brief.
  3. Leslie would like all action items of each board member completed by April 25.

Vice-President Report – Jimmy Beldon

  1. Discussion about how to make the actions of the CIT board more transparent. Ideas are:

Use Twitter during board meetings, have members view board meetings through Fuze, use Facebook or twitter during or after the meeting to update members.

  1.  MOUs with ASLTA and RID are still in progress.
  2. The first by-laws committee meeting went well and the group will continue to meet every 3 weeks.

Secretary Report- Cindy Volk

  1. We are unable to approve the February minutes without a quorum.
  2. All other minutes are uploaded to the website.

Treasurer Report- Richard Laurion

  1.  All rooms for board members, interpreters, committee chairs, plenary speakers and AV staff are reserved at the hotel for the conference.
  2. Richard has been working with NCIEC on their sponsorship and support for the conference.
  3. Memberships and conference registrations are continuing to come in.

Director of Professional Development Report (reported by Jimmy Beldon)

  1. Carole will send her monthly conference summary to the board by the end of March. Everyone needs to send her updates before March 28.
  2. The Program Committee is now in the process of rating proposals.
  3. Discussion about members who are looking for a roommate for the conference. It was decided that the best place for this is on the conference Facebook page.

Director of Membership Report (reported by Jimmy Beldon)

  1. Discussion about the Standing Rules for the business meeting. Discussion about those joining via videostreaming. We need to check with Libby and with Robert’s Rules of Order if those not present can vote or ask questions during the business meeting.
  2. Discussion about accepting motions from the floor at the business meeting. We may need a cut off time so the meeting time is not extended. Or perhaps we can refer those remaining items for the board to discuss at their next meeting.


Director of Public Relations Report – Samond Bishara

  1. Samond has investigated the 35th anniversary pins for the conference. We will have to do an email motion about this since there is no quorum at this meeting.
  2. Samond has also investigated several ideas for CIT booth displays. If the booth display is ready, we could have a booth at the Street Leverage conference in May.

The meeting was closed at 4:45 pm PST.