CIT Board Meeting

March 4, 2012

Official Minutes

Meeting opened at 5:05pm EST
Present: Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner, Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman
Not present: President Brian Morrison, Director or Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer, Director of Professional Development Gino Gouby
1)   Approval of Minutes: Liz (Julie) moved to approve the minutes from the face-to-face meeting. Passed.
2)   President’s Report (Brian Morrison):

  1. Discussion about having CCIE at the conference

3)   Vice President’s Report (Carla Mathers):
a.     ASLTA/501(c)(6) – sent email to attorney seeking advice on our options.  Sent email to ASLTA explaining our status to them.
b.     Philosophy committee – drafted invitation letter to potential committee members for President’s signature.
c.      Mary Stotler Award Committee – recruited two CIT members for the joint committee; communicated with RID and have the application and notification scheduled for publication with the RID.
4)   Treasurer’s Report (Richard Laurion):

  1. Current account balance $87,205.09
  2. Travel policy has been approved and uploaded to Dropbox
  3. Applied to get a copy of our determination letter that states our tax exemption status. It takes about 60 days.

5)   Secretary’s Report (Liz Mendoza): Would like to remind people to revisit their Actions Items and check them off as they finish them.
6)   Director Reports:

  1. Membership (Julie Simon):

i.     Current membership numbers:
Full Member (voting) – 230
First-time Full Member (voting) – 8
Associate Member (non-voting) -26
First-time Associate (non-voting) – 6
International Member (non-voting) – 31
First-time International Member (non-voting) – 1
Retired (non-voting) – 9
Institutional Member (non-voting) -16
Total: 327
ii.     Status of mailing to lapsed members: Approximately 400 people will be getting the letter inviting them to rejoin CIT. The mailing will include a cover letter inviting people to rejoin CIT, a membership form and a conference flyer.  The mailing should go out by March 10, 2012.
iii.     RID Views Article:Brian and Julie submitted an article to RID for the Spring RID VIEWS issue.
iv.     ASLTA link on CIT web site:Doug Bowen-Bailey has added a link to ASLTA at the bottom of the Membership page on the CIT web site.
v.     Demographic information survey:A survey requesting demographic information of current members is on hold until after the mailing to invite former members to rejoin CIT.  The survey will most likely be conducted in the fall when the membership renewal notices are sent for the next membership year.
vi.     Membership recruitment during the CIT Conference: A membership form and demographic survey form will be included in the Conference registration bags during the upcoming conference.

  1. Research and Publications (Annette Miner):

i.     Had a meeting with Jemina and they are working on manuscripts for May. In November, Jemina has manuscripts ready from Critical Link and some submissions not from Critical Link.

  1. Technology (Lynne Wiesman):

i.     Working on conference technology

  1. Public Relations and Outreach (Leslie Greer):

i.     No report

  1. Professional Development (Gino Gouby):

i.     No report
7)   Conference:

  1. Doug Bowen-Bailey wants all of the Board to register for the conference.
  2. Entertainment: Martha asked Angela Stratiy (story telling) for the banquet.
  3. The Call for Interpreter Coordinator has been out but no responses.
  4. ASL submissions for the Proceedings: Working with Len Roberson and Sherry Shaw to establish guidelines for the Proceedings.
  5. Forums (Thursday 7-830 and Friday 730-900): CCIE, AA to BA with NCIEC, Stakeholder’s, International, and Share Shops.
  6. Ask Jemina Napier about presenting on how to publish new research in exchange for conference registration.
  7. Conference evaluations- meeting with Cathy Cogen about having paper evaluations, then student volunteers input them into SurveyMonkey.
  8. Entire conference committee will meet Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

8)   New Business:

  1. Lynne (Julie) moved to reimburse Doug Bowen-Bailey $450.00 for the purchase of the Adobe Creative Suite software. Passed. (B:12:10)

9)   Adjourned at 6:07pm EST – Liz (Lynne).
SUNDAY, APRIL 15th at 5:00 PM EST
SUNDAY, MAY 13th at 5:00 PM EST
SUNDAY, JUNE 10th at 5:00 PM EST