Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Conference Call Board Meeting

June 5, 2011


Persons present: Brian Morrison, Richard Laurion, Liz Mendoza, Lynne Wiesman, Annette Miner, Leslie Greer, Gino Gouby.
Not present: Carla Mathers, Julie Simon
The meeting was opened by President Brian Morrison at 6:09 pm EST.
A.   Approval of Minutes
1.     Minutes from the face-to-face meeting on May 1, 2011 were approved. (Liz/Gino)
B.    President’s Report
1.     Spoke with Cathy Cogen and Trudy Schaffer with the National Center in Boston and invited them to a meeting to talk about their work. All of the information is in the CITNews Look up They want to work with CIT. Talked about experimenting on a collaboration with webinars to see how it works for them. Maybe have some authors of IJIE articles present their researchAlso they are interested in hosting a preconference workshop in 2012.
Question: Can the webinars earn money? We will have to work on the details.
C.   Vice President’s Report
1.     ASLTA — we are waiting on them.  I am sure they are still reeling over Larry’s death.  Other than getting the insurance information from Betti, I have not heard anything.
2.     Association Management — I attended the NAJIT conference and got to see how their contracted Executive Director functioned first hand and it was not a pleasant experience.  I would not recommend that CIT consider using this Association Management.
D.   Treasurer’s Report
1.     I’m working with our accountant to have a recommendation to the Board, which will likely be in the form of a motion.
2.     Here’s what our accountant and I have found:
On the CIT balance sheet as of 12/31,2011, the 2009 IRS Tax form 990 report showed an equity balance of $156,600 and our QuickBooks software showed a balance of $133,546 (a difference of about $23,000).
The net loss per QB is $(23,849) and the 990 says there is net income of $1,379 (a difference of over $25,000).
When we look at the Profit and Loss statements for the year ending, the income recorded in QB vs. the 990 is somewhat similar, but QB is showing $26,500 more in expenses.
What we have identified is the in the past few years, the 990 has not captured all of the expenses that were recorded in QB.  I am trying to work with Cindy to see if she might be able to identify why this is the case.  Do any of our incumbent board members have any ideas?
3.       Regardless, it seems our options are:
Debit the Net Asset (equity) account by $18,807 to bring the beginning balance down to $137,793 (this is the prior-period adjustment) or if Cindy feels the 990 is correct and the beginning Net Asset balance of $156,600 is accurate, than in order to get everything to balance, $18,807 of additional expenses need to be recorded.  We’ve reached this conclusion based on the bank account balances at the end of the year.  As long as there are no other accounts out there, the only logical and accounting-sensible conclusion is that prior year expenses have not been recorded on the 990(s).
Since the 990 has been filed for the past years with those numbers (wrong or right), our accountant feels like the best option is to correct the discrepancies in 2010 by making a prior-period adjustment. That way the 2010 990 will match what QB shows and going forward, hopefully that trend will continue!
4.     If you want I can send you the 2010 balance sheet, which already reflects the prior-period adjustment.  As you can see, with the net loss of $38,529 and the bank accounts recorded with their 12/31/10 balances, the beginning Net Asset balance must equal $137,793 in order to get the balance sheet to balance.  Perhaps after seeing the report like this, something will spark memories, or Cindy’s memory about a missing account or why the discrepancy exists.
E.    Director Reports
1.     Membership
a.     Sent two documents to the Board for their consideration during the Board meeting.
b.     1) The second draft of the Members’ Survey.  I only received comments from 3 people and have incorporated them into the document.  You’ll notice that there are 3 comments within the document for your review and feedback.
c.     I’m hoping to get the survey loaded onto a survey tool in the next couple of weeks while my schedule is lighter so please provide any feedback by June 8th.
d.     2) The letter to be distributed at the ASLTA conference inviting people to join CIT.  There are some questions at the top of the letter on which I would like your feedback. (Brian will contact Julie about contacting Cathi of ASLTA to make arrangements for putting the CIT Membership form and 18-month special into registration bags at ASLTA.)
On a related note: We had talked about making the same offer to presenters at the RID Conference in Atlanta.  Do we want to make the offer good for participants, as well, since there may be educators in attendance who are not presenting?  In either case, how do we want to distribute the letter?  I will not be at RID either. (We will distribute the flyer that announces 18-month CIT membership special. This flyer will also announce our CIT mob event. Brian will ask RID if we can do this. He will work with Gino to get the mob event flyer done and distributed at RID.)
2.     Research and Publications:
a.     Copy editor is sick and we found a replacement. Still finalizing the details of payment.
3.     Communication and Technology:
a.     Working with D’Mita Boyd to identify a couple more C&T committee members and talk about what we want to do as a committee.
b.     Leslie and I continue to pitch emails back and forth about the video and are getting closer to establishing some timelines to complete this project. Is there a deadline to complete? Perhaps then we can work backward on that? I can do some editing and Leslie and I have talked about how she will film it. I have students who will do the captioning as a project. Then we only have to be concerned with Voice Over? Not sure how you want that done? Have already worked with Doug on how to get the video transferred back and forth between he and I using a couple of different ftp options so we are ready to do that.
c.     Worked with Doug and Brian a bit on defining the difference between someone promoting their services/programs on the web and in newsletters compared to just courtesy mention. Seems there are a couple of entities that might be getting a great deal more sent out than the courtesy mention but without paying for that service so we are working to figure out or better define the two.
d.     Questions for the group:
1. Regarding upcoming CIT BoD meetings using these technologies – do we want to extend the ability to call in and provide interpreters or do we want to limit the meetings only to participation via video and ASL?
2. For the upcoming conference, do we want to consider some sort of distance technology used for any part of it (e.g., the membership meeting, the opening session, closing session, etc.)?
3. After completion of this video for the website, do we want more and if so, I think Leslie and I need to capture the time and service we put into developing this in case the BoD wants to contract out that so we have a good idea?
4.     PR and Outreach:
a.     August 26th is Gary Sanderson’s memorial service at CSUN. Leslie and Liz will go and represent CIT.
b.     August 13/14 is Larry Forestal’s memorial service. Leslie will go and represent CIT.
5.     Professional Development:
a.     Worked with Richard for attending the ASLTA Convention. Will work with Barbara Hayes to register for hotel, since it may be past the registration deadline for reduced rate.
F.    RID Event:
1.     Date Thursday, July 14th
2.     Time 7:30pm
3.     Print inexpensive business cards with our logo, web address and one will have free conference registration, iPad, etc.
4.     3 free CIT membership to NEW members
5.     2 free 2012 conference registrations
6.     1 iPad 2 for top prize. Annette and Liz will procure it.
7.     Annette will work on getting more donations for prizes, especially teaching materials from DawnSignPress and others.
i.     Whatever else we can get donated would be good.
8.     Marketing the event
i.     We won’t announce or tell what the prizes are.
ii.     We will hand out promotional flyers to specific people we think would benefit from CIT—people teaching and attending workshops to mentors and other educator workshops.
a.     We will discuss this specific strategy in more detail at the next meeting
b.     In the meantime, everyone look at the RID schedule and determine what workshops we will be attending. We may be handing out flyers at those specific workshops.
G.   Old Business
H.   New Business
a.     Leslie (Richard) moved that we buy an iPad 2 for the RID mob event. Passed. (B:11:12).
b.     Lynne (Leslie) moved to give 3 free CIT membership to NEW members, 2 free 2012 conference registrations and 1 iPad 2 for top prize at the RID conference. Passed. (B:11:13).
B.    Adjournment
Meeting closed at 6:11pm
Next meeting on Sunday, July 10th at 5:00 pm EST.