CIT Online Board Meeting
Sunday, July 8th, 2012
5:00 pm EST

Present: Brain Morrison, Carla Mathers, Richard Laurion, Annette Miner, Lynne Weisman, Julie Simon, Leslie Greer
Absent: Gino Gouby, Liz Mendoza

  1. Approval of May Minutes
  2. Vice-President’s Report
    1. Philosophy Committee
      1. Will be meeting in MD at TCS.  Leslie and Carla meet all day Friday, and the rest of the committee joins on Saturday and Sunday (July 14-15).
      2. Committee is comprised of the following members:  Carole Lazorisk, Carla Mathers, Sharon Neumann-Solow, Lynnette (last name?), Damita Boyd, Nigel Howard, Leslie Greer
    2. NCIEC Conference Communication Policy committee
      1. This committee is for different stakeholders to discuss communication policies and figure out a way for Deaf participants to get better access at conferences.  They would like a representative from CIT to join.  Carla will ask someone from the Philosophy committee to be our representative.
      2. We are not sure when the NCIEC committee meets.
    3. Conference By-Laws
      1. Need to follow our deadlines for submission of changes to the bylaws.  Carla will put a call for changes to the bylaws into the CIT News that will go out next week.  She will include that they must be submitted by July 19.
      2. Carla will announce any submitted bylaws changes to the membership by August 29, in preparation for them to vote on them at the conference.
    4. Mary Stotler Award
      1. Applications were sent out.  Nominations are to go to RID, and we haven’t heard back from them yet about how many submissions we have received thus far.
      2. Deadline was postponed to mid-July.  This postponement is not on the CIT website and needs to be.  Carla will contact Doug to make the announcement on the website.
  3. President’s Report
    1. Was invited to attend the ALVLIC conference, but is unable to go
    2. Was planning to share the minutes from the NAOBI/Mano a Mano meeting, but have not received them yet.  Will send them out to the Board when they arrive.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Found an error in the submitted report.  Richard will send out updated, accurate report.
    2. Financial projections for conference
      1. We have 125 paid registrants, but 192 registrations.  This means we are footing the bill for the food for the people who have waived registrations.  Food costs are $270 per person.  This leaves only $70 per paid registrant to cover the other costs of the conference (interpreters, board costs, etc.)  This supports Board members sharing rooms during the conference.
      2. Richard moved (I don’t know how to number these): That Board members pay half of their room cost during the face to face meeting and during the conference.  Annette seconded.  Failed.
    3. General costs: 5.5% of revenue is paid to PayPal.  If we pursue and get 501c3 status, they will reduce the % fee.  This will save us some money, even after paying the attorney to do the paperwork and filing.
    4. Fundraising ideas
      1. Richard is happy to run a silent auction to help raise money. CPCC students can help
      2. Asked for commitment from Board to collect items for the auction.  Board members agreed to locate items for the auction. Richard will send guidelines for items.
      3. Need to revisit how to cut costs and raise funds:
        1. Raise membership dues (members are getting a biennial conference and 2 journals per year)
          1. This has to be a systemic solution: members still don’t see their benefits and cant get into the members only part of the website.
        2. Raise conference fees or don’t provide food.
        3. Brian and Richard will make sure that we have half to a full day to discuss cutting costs and raising funds at the October face to face board meeting.
          1. Will come under and be related to strategic plan discussion
    5. Cori Dossett
      1. Is the former RID conference planner.  She is happy to talk to CIT about conference planning any time we want.
    6. VRSII Civility and Leadership event
      1. Richard asked who was going and suggested if we are all going, we could have a face to face meeting.  Not all of the Board has made plans to go yet.
  5. Conference 2012 Update
    1. Opening ceremony
      1. Brian will make PowerPoint and agenda at October face to face meeting.  Will keep it short and simple and let people get on to socializing.
    2. Streaming video
      1. Carla provided us with a release form for plenary and keynote speakers and interpreters.
      2. Annette will send it to Anna to give to Carolyn and Melissa, to Kellie to give to interpreter coordinators, and to Mark Taylor.  She will be clear that the video will only be available for 5 days and will not be archived.  Annette will do this today, to get responses back by Tuesday, so information can be included in the CIT News Brief.
  6. New Business
    1. Nominations
      1. We need to make sure we are following our deadlines as stated in the bylaws.
      2. We need a chair.  Brian will be it for now, until we get someone.  Lynne and others have ideas for people they will send in an email.
    2. Richard suggested we invite some people to be bloggers for our conference.  Doug already has the mechanism set up.  Lynne will help.
    3. Membership report
      1. Julie sent out survey to International members about the conference.  10 responses have already been received.  She will share preliminary results with Carla before the Philosophy Committee meeting, as they are relevant to their discussions.  Please keep results private for now, as they are not official.
  7. Adjournment
    1. Leslie moved to adjourn at 6:30 EST.  Richard seconded.
    2. Adjourned 6:30 EST

Next meeting on August 12 th, 2012 at 5:00 pm EST