Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Conference Call Board Meeting

July 10, 2011


Persons present:  Brian Morrison, Richard Laurion, Carla Mathers, Liz Mendoza, , Annette Miner.
Not present: Leslie Greer, Julie Simon, Gino Gouby, Lynne Wiesman.
The meeting was opened by President Brian Morrison at 5:09 pm EST.
A.   Approval of Minutes
1.     Minutes from the face-to-face meeting on June 5, 2011 were approved. (Richard/Annette)
B.    President’s Report
1.     Conference 2012 Hotel:
i.     There was a question about internet to the conference hotel.
ii.     The number of room nights need to be adjusted to a lower number.
iii.     The hotel will allow CIT to bring in A/V equipment.
iv.     Dates are not set, but are tentatively October 17-21, 2012.
v.     Board meeting will be October 15th and 16th.
2.     Has been in contact with Clay Nettles of RID to sit down during the RID conference and discuss the relationship between RID and CIT.  How the organizations can work together and support each other.
C.   Vice President’s Report
1.     Will be discussed under #6 “Reimbursement Policy.”
D.   Treasurer’s Report
1.     Working with accountant, Beth Franklin, and found that we can file the 990-EZ.
2.     990-EZ Form is a good place to list our intellectual property assets, as well as financial assets.
3.     We have a $15,325 discrepancy and the recommendation from the accountant is that we write it off. We will still try to find out how that happened.
4.     Would like to understand better how we are spending money (credit cards, debit cards, etc.). Will create policies about how we use our financial tools.
5.     Current balance for total savings account, to date, and checking account, to March 2011 is $105, 841.17.
E.    Director Reports
1.     Membership
a.     On June 29, 2011, Doug Bowen-Bailey sent the Membership Survey to all Active, Pending and Expired members in the CIT Database, approximately 1500 in total.    I received approximately 39 auto-reply messages in response to the mass email.  Most of the auto-reply messages were regarding vacation dates; three auto-reply messages were from people whose emails were no longer being used due to retirement.  Doug also included the survey in the CIT News (Vol. 31, Issue 3) on July 1, 2011.
b.     As of Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 3:30pm PST, 134 surveys had been started and 124 (92.5%) had been completed.  The deadline for completing the survey is August 15, 2011.  After this date, the data will be analyzed and a summary will be provided to the CIT Board prior to the fall face-to-face Board meeting.  Survey results will also be shared with the CIT membership as appropriate.
c.     With regard to inactive email addresses due to retirement, I will work with Doug to find out if these members have current membership.  If so, when membership renewal announcements are sent out via email in the fall, we will use US postal service to send renewal notices to these members so we don’t lose them.
2.     Research and Publications:
a.     We have several new subscriptions to the journal, some international.
b.     We have a new copy editor, Kathleen Halverson.  We have received a signed W9 from her and are working on a written contract.
c.     We have received enough journal submissions to have the following publications:
i.     Volume 3 this November as planned.  Theme:  teaching practice and educational interpreting
ii.     Volume 4 (1) next May 2012.  Theme: ethics and technology
iii.     Volume 4 (2) next November 2012 with relevant papers presented at the Critical Link conference
e.     Even though we are this far ahead, we will still do a call for papers after this November’s volumes comes out, so that we can get a head start and have plenty to work with.
e.     I have not done much on my action items from the face-to-face board meeting (establishing an ad hoc committee to discuss the feasibility of ASL submissions to the journal), but hope to work on that and have a report by the end of the year.  I have had one person express interest in being on the committee, as well as a list of people recommended by Jemina and who expressed interest at the last CIT conference.
3.     Communication and Technology:
a. Still working with Leslie on the website video.
4.     PR and Outreach: No report
5.     Professional Development: No report
F.    RID Event:
1.     Got 500 business cards to give out to presenters and other educators for the flash mob event.
2.     We will hold the event in the loft area above the bar.
i.     Brian, Richard, Annette and Carla will meet there at 9:00 on Monday morning to meet with someone from the hotel to decide what to do for the event:  cash bar, provide one drink per person, food, etc?
ii.     At that time, we will strategize how to get the business cards handed out to people to target them to come to the evengt
iii.     Will do giveaway at about 7:15pm
a.     We will give tickets to people when they come in, then use the other half for the drawings.
3.     Giveaways:
i.     iPad2,
                                           ii.     Carla’s book Sign Language Interpreters in Court: Understanding Best Practices.
iii.     Three free CIT membership to NEW members
iv.     Two free 2012 conference registrations.
G.   Reimbursement Policy – Table for next meeting
H.   Action Item Tracking – Liz will be responsible for sending out a running action item list. Board Members are responsible for taking care of them and reporting back to the Board when they are done.
I.      Website Inquiries – Website inquiries should be screened by the President and routed to the appropriate person.
J.     New Business
1.     Richard (Liz) moved to have the accountant, Beth Franklin file the 990-EZ (B:11:14).
K.   Adjournment
Meeting closed at 6:22pm
Next meeting on Sunday, August 14th at 5:00 pm EST.