CIT Board Meeting

February 2-4, 2012

Process Notes

February 2, 2012
Present: President Brian Morrison, Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner, Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman
Not present: Director of Professional Development Gino Gouby, Director of Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer
1)   Call to order at 9:40 am EST
2)   Approval of Minutes: Richard (Lynne) move to accept the Minutes from January 8, 2012. Passed.
3)   President’s Report (Brian Morrison):

  1. Met with Cathy Cogen. Will try to get a stakeholders’ meeting with Mano-a-Mano, NAOBI, NCIEC, CCIE, NAD, etc.

4)   Vice President’s Report (Carla Mathers):

  1. No report

5)   Treasurer’s Report (Richard Laurion):

  1. A Wells Fargo bank account was opened in Minnesota in April 2011. The Bank of America account was officially closed February 1, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  2. Current balance is $93,939.20.
  3. The Treasurer will investigate if CIT can and should put money in a Money Market or CD account.
  4. Travel policy – RID shared their Travel Policy with the CIT Treasurer that has been modified to fit CIT. The policy was discussed and will be further discussed via email and voted on at the March meeting.

6)   Secretary’s Report (Liz Mendoza):

  1. Set up a meeting template for Minutes and Process Notes. It has been uploaded to the CIT Shared Dropbox folder.
  2. Reports are to be added to Google Docs and the Secretary will compile and upload the final version to the CIT shared Dropbox folder.
  3. Has a CIT Google calendar that will be shared with the Board and Directors.

7)   Directors’ Reports:

  1. Membership (Julie Simon):

i.     As of January 28, 2012 there were 320:

  1. Full – 217
  2. Associate – 22
  3. International – 31
  4. Retired – 9
  5. Institutional – 41

ii.     The former Director of Membership, Myrelis Aponte, will be mailing the historical documents to the current Director.
iii.     Would like to review and discuss the dues structure regarding:

  1. Multiple year membership at a discount.
  2. Retired members able to vote?
  3. Would like to collect demographic information from the current membership.
  4. Research and Publications (Annette Miner):

i.     Copy editor position – Kathleen Halverson had to resign, but gave names of replacement, Serena Leigh Krombach, who has copy edited for Gallaudet University Press.
ii.     Printing CIT News –

  1. Ask CIT Webmaster for his input on printing the newsletter.
  2. Figure out financial impact of printing the newsletter.
  3. Goal is to include the option of printed newsletter for next membership year.

iii.     Digitizing CIT proceedings – 1996 Proceedings has been completed. 1988 Proceedings is the only one left to digitize.

  1. Technology (Lynne Wiesman):

i.     Action Items:

  1. Website for conference is in process.
  2. Will film Gino this weekend for ASL submissions to the conference.
  3. Facebook: Administration was given to Brian
  4. Conference streaming:
    1. Plenary sessions – Will stream the plenary sessions.
    2. Business meeting – Recommend just streaming and not voting for this conference.

ii.     Completed work:

  1. Website videos (filming & editing) & transcripts
  2. Website clean up
  3. Completed Board bios

8)   Conference: Kellie Mills Stewart and Martha Ingel are co-chairs.

  1. Dropbox – A Dropbox file for the conference has been established
  2. Website – Will build a separate conference website
  3. Proceedings

i.     Len Roberson and Sherry Shaw have accepted the position as editors.
ii.     Discussion of whether the call for articles in the Proceedings should be after the conference or before the conference.  RESULT: After.
iii.     Could put the Proceedings on the public Lulu site so that individuals can purchase a hard copy where CIT would make a profit. CIT Members can get the digital copy for free.

  1. Program Book – David Evans has accepted the position.
  2. Sponsorship ideas were discussed.
  3. Program Update

i.     ASL submissions – Gino and Lynne will videotape on Saturday, February 4th.

  1. Keynote speakers – Not yet decided.
  2. Plenaries – Discussed possible plenary speakers
  3. Interpreting – Actual travel up to $400, half hotel room, $50/hour and per diem.
  4. Mary Stotler Award – Carla will be the liaison with RID for the Award.

k.     Kellie Mills Stewart’s Information
i.     ASL submissions can be uploaded to Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo so the Program Committee can view them. Lynne can help with the formatting of the correct program (iMovie or Windows Movie). Video submissions are 3-5 minutes long.
ii.     Keynote – Not yet decided.
iii.     Interpreting – Actual travel up to $400, half hotel room, $50/hour and per diem.
iv.     Mary Stotler Award – Ms. Ryan (RID) gave Carla a lot of information and the committee has been set.
v.     Program Committee –Several people have shown interest and have been referred to Program Chair, Anna Witter-Merithew.
vi.     Committees/Work still needed or in progress:
1.   CEU Coordinator – Signs of Development will sponsor CEUs. Each workshop will have its own CEU. Program Chair will make sure that all CEU requirements are met before handing all the CEU paperwork to the Sponsor.
2.   Entertainment
3.   AV Chair(s) and committee- Steve Fitzmaurice has accepted the position.
4.   Scholarship Committee – Call has been drafted. Four international and domestic scholarships will be awarded. ASL submissions will be added, too.
5.   Volunteer Coordinator – Dr. Cynthia Williams has accepted the position.
6.   Conference Banquet/other meals –
a.    Banquet fee should include the 23% hotel service charge and tax, plus any complimentary banquet tickets.
b.   Food should include vegetarian, gluten free and special diet options.
vii.     Monthly Committee Meetings – Conference Chairs and Committees will have monthly meetings via webcam.
viii.     File repository to share files/docs among committees: Documents are up on Dropbox.
ix.     Entertainment: Nic Zapko has been chosen as the banquet entertainment (Was this a recommendation or a done decision?)
x.     Promoting conference outside of CIT  (IPPs, RID, email blasts, etc.) –
1.   Encourage people to forward the calls for papers, advertisement for the conference, etc. to other listervs.
2.   Contact other organizations to see if they will add a CIT conference link to their websites.
9)   Membership survey (Julie Simon)
a.     Membership
i.     Discussed if CIT’s goal was to have dual members of CIT and ASLTA after ASLTA gets their 501(c)3 paperwork approved..
1.     Have all CIT Board members join ASLTA
2.     Offer a discount for dual membership.
3.     Put a place on the membership form to indicate dual membership status.
ii.     Increase diversity –
1.     Recruit under-represented populations -NAOBI, Mano a mano, National Task Force on Deaf Blind Interpreting, International
2.     Increase sensitivity training for educators
3.     Student panel
4.     Add RID Member Section for Interpreter Trainers
iii.     Possibly establish Member Sections under CIT
iv.     Resolve issue of international language needs and be Deaf friendly.
v.     Should we continue to have the conference in October? Members seem to like it but not all voices have been heard. Need to put out a survey to take the pulse of the membership.
vi.     Online and on site workshops and conferences – perhaps even years on site and odd years online.
1.     Designated local CIT members who would be interested in presenting (traveling road show)
2.     Collaborating with the RID Regional conferences.
vii.     Increase online access to streaming conference activities.
viii.     Research Award at conference
b.     Research and Publications
i.     IJIE and newsletter should be able to be read online without further logins and passwords.
ii.     Include Directors’ reports in the newsletter so that members know what is new.
iii.     Print CIT newsletter.
iv.     Have a link on the electronic copy for a printable copy because it is a different format.
v.     All Directors submit reports every month to the newsletter.
c.      Webmaster
i.     Video introductions on website from authors to include author’s perspective of relation to members.
ii.     Board members could start the process and upload their own resources (syllabi, PowerPoint) up to the CIT website.
iii.     Grants to members to develop “model” courses (e.g., Intro to Interpreting).
iv.     Online directory – Membership Director and Technology Director work with the CIT Webmaster.
1.     Members’ Directory
2.     Educational Institution directory that members can update themselves.
v.     Store online dissertations of current research or subscribe to ProQuest.
vi.     Provide descriptions on websites for each position. Photo gallery (e.g.,
d.     PR and Outreach
i.     CIT members should attend RID Regional conferences
ii.     Welcome packet to all ITPs
e.     PD
i.     Work with NCIEC to co-sponsor something at the RID Regional conferences.
f.      Communication and Technology:
i.     Electronic access to meetings, conference, etc.
ii.     Provide online trainings.
iii.     Improve online membership renewal process.
iv.     Improve access to CITNews
v.     Increase social media presence
vi.     CIT Yahoo group
10)                  Old Business – none
11)                  New Business
Richard (Leslie) moved that CIT sponsor Institute for Legal Interpreting for the amount of $2,500. (B:12:01). Passed. (For the record, Richard and Carla abstained.).
Julie (Leslie) moved that the CIT Board establish a Philosophy Committee to review and revise the current Mission Statement and develop Philosophy and Mission Statements. Passed. (B:12:02)
Julie (Leslie) moved that the CIT Board allocate $7,000 for the Philosophy Committee and that the Treasurer will assist in arranging the logistics to keep the costs under budget. Passed. (B:12:03)
Carla (Leslie) moved to establish a flat fee for conference interpreters to include flight, expenses and labor. Failed.
Annette (Lynne) moved to spend up to $16,000 for interpreter expenses including hotel, flight meals and labor. Passed. (B:12:04)
Carla (Lynne) moved that there will be no stipend for the Interpreter Coordinators for the 2012 CIT Conference and receive waived registrations for the next conference. Passed. (B:12:05)
Lynne (Annette) moved to establish a $50 per hour fee for conference interpreters. Passed. (B:12:06)
Gino (Leslie) moved to pay 2012 CIT Conference interpreters up to $400 for actual travel expenses. Passed. (B:12:07)
Annette (Leslie) moved to offer four conference scholarships (international and domestic) to include conference registration and travel up to $400 per recipient. Passed. (B:12:08)
Annette (Leslie) moved for CIT to pay two plenary speakers an amount of $400 each and to reserve $200 in case of additional costs. Failed.
Annette (Liz) moved to suspend RRONR meeting procedures for the topic of paying plenary speakers. Passed by 2/3 majority.
Carla (Annette) moved to pay two plenary speakers each a $500 honorarium, travel expenses and one night hotel room. Passed. (B:12:09)
Lynne (Leslie) moved to set the rate for online streaming of the 2012 CIT Conference Keynote, two plenary sessions and non-voting access to the business meeting at $100. Passed. (B:12:10)
Julie (Gino) moved to allocate up to $1000 annually for postal supplies and copying for Membership to send out letters to recruit lapsed members. Passed. (B:12.11)
Annette (Leslie) moved to sponsor the teaching track of the National Symposium on Healthcare interpreting in July 22-25, 2012 by donating $1000 for presenter fees. Passed (B:12:12). For the record, Carla and Richard abstained.
Richard (Annette) moved that Board members who are going to specific RID Regional conferences decide amongst themselves who will contact the organizers of that conference, and if approved, one officer will be reimbursed up to $200 of conference expenses. Passed. (B:12:13)
Richard (Gino) moved to accept the proposed working 2012 CIT Conference budget. Passed. (B:12:14)
12)                  Adjourned on February 4, 2012 at 4:50pm EST
FACE TO FACE:  February 1-5, 2012 – Charlotte, NC
SUNDAY, MARCH 4th at 5:00 PM EST
SUNDAY, APRIL 15th at 5:00 PM EST
SUNDAY, MAY 13th at 5:00 PM EST
SUNDAY, JUNE 10th at 5:00 PM EST