Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Face to Face Board Meeting
February 1, 2013

Persons present:  Leslie Greer, Cindy Farnham, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Carole Lazorisak, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Annette Miner, Lynne Wiesman, Jimmy Beldon
Meeting was opened by 8:40 am by President, Leslie Greer.
E-Mail Motions
The board approved having Libby Pollard attend our face to face meeting on February 2, 2013 to provide training on parliamentary procedure and leadership.  Unanimous.  2013:01
President’s Report – Leslie Greer

  1. Leslie sent flowers to the Witter-Merithew family on the behalf of CIT.
  2. The board approved compensating Leslie for the flower donation (up to $75) and also to sending a $75 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project and inform members regarding the project as well.  Unanimous. 2013:02
  3. Leslie indicated that the money she spent for the flowers is a donation to CIT.
  4. Leslie will be part of the NCIEC Stakeholders group meetings.

Vice President’s Report – Cindy Farnham

  1. Cindy F brought the old mission statement and the new revised mission statement from the Philosophy committee.  Discussion that the members want to receive the proposed mission and vision statement to review prior to voting on it. The revised statements are based on input from members at the recent CIT conference. Discussion about the statements lacking a mention of international members.  Discussion about the conference language being ASL and the mention of this in the mission/vision statements.
  2. Cindy will establish a by-laws committee to review the CIT by-laws. The new mission and vision statements will need to be incorporated into the by-laws.

Then these changes will also need to be coordinated with the PPM.
Secretary’s Report – Cindy Volk

    1. Cindy V distributed the draft of the minutes from the Business Meeting, and the October and November board meetings.
    2. Board members suggested having a portion at the beginning of each of the minutes that indicates the motions that were done over email in between meetings.  Board members also suggested having process notes in addition to minutes and returning to numbering the motions.

Treasurer Report – Richard Laurion
The total in the CIT account as of January, 2013 is $111,606.50
Director of Communication and Technology Report – Lynne Wiesman

  1. Lynne has established a Communication and Technology committee.
  2. Lynne is working on making the two CIT Facebook pages into one page.
  3. Discussion about videostreaming a portion of the board meetings so members can have access.

Director of Membership Report – Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

  1. Jessica discussed the possibility of a two year membership.
  2. Jessica also discussed assuming some of Doug’s membership data base responsibilities.

Director of Professional Development Report – Carole Lazorisak
1)  Carole is ready to take on the responsibilities of the conference.  She discussed some ideas about the conference.
Director of Research and Publications Report- Annette Miner

  1.  Annette stated that the journal is ready for Volume 6 this year.
  2. Discussion about lack of people submitting articles for the proceedings.  There is an option for individuals to submit their conference presentation as an article  for the journal
  3. Annette will be submitting the form to the Library of Congress for our ISSN number.
  4. Annette and Lynne will work together on a tracking system for the print and/or subscription versions of the journal.

New Business

  1. Discussion about who is planning to attend the ASLTA conference.
  2. Discussion about who is planning to attend the RID conference.  CIT will have a booth at the RID conference as part of a negotiation for RID having a booth at the CIT conference. Discussed idea of having a forum or pre-conference.
  3. All board members completed conflict of interest forms and submitted those to Cindy Farnham.
  4.  Lynne suggested we use Google Docs for making changes to documents and Dropbox for storing files.
  5. Lynne will investigate using I-Pads and I-Phones to vote at business meetings.
  6. CCIE has made a request for funds.  Leslie will contact other stakeholder groups about this.
  7. Jessica will send out a survey to the membership regarding possible dues increases and a discount for a two year membership.
  8. Jessica said that it is stated in the by-laws that individuals must be a member for 60 days prior to the conference in order to vote. Jessica will continue to investigate this.
  9. ASLTA –CIT motion:  Glenna Ashton submitted the following motion: I move that CIT enter a formal memorandum of understanding with ASLTA to develop a true cooperative and collaborative relationship between the two “sister” organizations.  Leslie, Cindy F and Jimmy B will be on an ad-hoc committee with ASLTA to develop this.
  10. The PPM will need major renovations once the philosophy committee is completed.  We will put the old version on the website and then indicate that it will be updated.
  11. Discussion about priorities for this board and how we will fund those.  Also discussion about getting together for the strategic plan. The strategic plan will indicate what items should be in our budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.