CIT On-line Board Meeting

December 15, 2013
Persons present:  Leslie Greer, Jimmy Beldon, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Kimberly Hale, Annette Miner, Wink Smith, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Absent:  Carole Lazorisak (excused), Samond Bishara
The meeting was opened by President Leslie Greer at 3:40 pm PST.
President Report

  1. Sponsor and exhibitor letters for the 2014 conference are being mailed this week.
  2. If a board member will be absent from a meeting, you need to notify Leslie and Cindy at least 3 calendar days before the meeting.  Otherwise it will be an unexcused absence.
  3. Leslie contacted Kellie Stewart about the member demographic data collected in the past.
  4. Discussion about RID regional conferences and which CIT board members are already planning to attend.

Vice-President Report

  1. Jimmy has established a committee that will be working on by-laws and the PPM.  The drafts will be sent out to the membership through Vlogs.
  2. Jimmy is working on a draft of the RID/CIT MOU.  Board members will give him their feedback on the draft. Discussion about having a workshop at RID or something about this at our opening ceremony.
  3. Jimmy will be the chairperson of the interpreting committee for the conference.

Secretary Report
October and November 2013 minutes have been sent out to board members.  This will be tabled until the January meeting in order to give board members time to review.
Treasurer Report
1. We have approximately $ 108,000 in the bank.
2. The transition to Quickbooks on line has been completed. We can have up to 5 licenses on this account.
3.  All board members need to make their flight arrangements before January 20 to travel to Tucson in February for our next face to face meeting. Everyone will arrive on Thursday, February 20 and leave on Sunday, February 23
4.  Discussion of the Street Leverage Media Support proposal related to the 2014 CIT conference. Richard will send this out to board members.
5.  Discussion about the possibility of having a 5K run prior to the conference.
Director of Communication and Technology Report

  1. Wink has a technology committee to discuss voting at the next business meeting, videostreaming and other technology issues.

Director of Membership Report

  1. Jessica reported that there are 234 current members and 1,300 expired members.  She is investigating the expired members.
  2. Discussion of the pros and cons of institutional membership.

Director of Professional Development Report

  1. Keynote, endnote and plenary speakers have been confirmed for the conference. Their registration fees will be waived. The endnote speaker will get 2 hotel nights and the other speakers will get 1 night in the hotel.
  2. Registration is in the process of being finalized.
  3. Discussion of the ASL proposals for the conference.
  4. Discussion about other committee chairs that are needed:  interpreting, volunteers, program book.
  5. Discussion about sweatshirts for the conference.

Director of Research and Publications Report

  1. Discussion about a draft of a letter to NAD that Kimberly prepared regarding feedback to them.
  2. Kimberly has established a proceedings committee.  They have contacted the Deaf Studies Journal regarding their proceedings.
  3. Discussion about putting out a call for editors for the proceedings.
  4. Discussion about needing Adobe Professional for the journal.

The meeting ended at 6:02 pm PST.