CIT Online Board Meeting
Sunday, August 12th, 2012
5:04 pm EST
Official Minutes

Present: President Brian Morrison, Vice President Carla Mathers, Treasurer Richard Laurion, Secretary Liz Mendoza, Director of Membership Julie Simon, Director of Research and Publications Annette Miner
Not present: Director or Public Relations and Outreach Leslie Greer, Director of Technology Lynne Wiesman


  1. Approval of Minutes – vote on email
  2. President’s Report:
    1. The position of PD Director is vacant and will be filled at the business meeting.
  3. Vice-President’s Report
    1. Philosophy Committee: Has been working hard, second gotomeeting was today. Down to 5 paragraphs in Vision Statement and 6 paragraphs in the Mission Statement. Both statements will be sent out to the Board soon. Will be presented at the business meeting in Charlotte, NC. Vision statement is what we believe; Mission statement is what we do.
    2. Mary Stotler Award: Two valid nominations have been submitted.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Will file the IRS 990 on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.
    2. Kansas
    3. $70,584.60 Conference
    4. $53,000 restricted funds from the CDs
    5. $23,285.24 general fund
    6. $3,692.00 checking account
  5. Secretary’s Report
    1. Will digitize all of the past documents.
  6. Director of Membership Report
    1. International member survey: 15/39 responses (40-45%). Three are coming to the conference in Charlotte, NC.
  7. Conference 2012 Update
    1. Plenary specifications (Malzkuhn)- VRSII will arrange and pay for the flights for Keynote and Plenary speakers. CIT has made the room reservation and will make flight reservation.
    2. Opening Ceremony – Include a message about the Mission and Vision Statements that will be voted on during the business meeting
    3. VIP reception: Fire Water restaurant on Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm
    4. Conference Welcome Letter – The Conference Coordinators will send out an e-blast with information regarding airport-hotel transportation, nearby restaurants, etc.
    5. Business meeting-Vote on Mission and Vision Statements.
    6. AV needs – Contact Richard if there are ideas of where to get A/V loaned to the conference to cut costs for CIT.
    7. Alan Hurwitz Costs – NCIEC and DO-IT (MARIE) are paying his costs.
    8. Lobby Talks: moderated with specific topics. Working on the specifics now.
    9. Make posters of the Mission and Vision Statements to put in the lobby.
      1. 192 Early Bird
      2. 30 Regular
      3. 3 Day
      4. Students and interpreters-20
      5. Total 245
  8. RID Newsletter – Maybe DBB for live-blogging and streaming.
  9. New Business – none
  10. Adjournment – 7:34pm (Liz/Annette)

Next meetings:
September 9th, 2012 at 5:00 pm EST
October 15-17, 2012 Face-to-face in Charlotte, NC.