Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Conference Call Board Meeting

August 14, 2011


Meeting was cancelled, however, these are the reports from Board members.
A.   Approval of Minutes
1.     N/A
B.    President’s Report
The CIT event that was hosted at RID was a great success!  We had probably 150+ people attend.  It was hard to determine the actual number of attendees, but the area in which we held the event was pretty full.  We did provide light appetizers and a cash bar.  We also ended up getting quite a few prizes that we gave away.  Prizes were:  (Annette…feel free to add any that I missed)
3 memberships
2 conference registrations
Effective Interpreting Series complete set (Dawn Sign Press)
Sign Language Interpreters in Court book (Carla Mathers)
Signs of Development $150 Gift certificate (Lynne Wiesman)
Sign Enhancers $250 gift certificate (Jenna Cassell)
Deaf children art postcards
Once great idea and Annette took care of was to have 2 laptops set up connected to the internet with our membership page ready.  I think we probably had about 8-10 new members sign up on the spot!
I’d like to thank all of the Board members that were there and handed out our cards and helped make the event fantastic!  Carla, Richard, Lynne, Annette…you are all amazing!
C.   Vice President’s Report
D.   Treasurer’s Report
The CIT 990 form was filed with the IRS.
E.    Director Reports
1.     Membership
Membership Committee Report, August 12, 2011
Submitted by Julie Simon
Survey update:
On June 29, 2011, Doug Bowen-Bailey sent the Membership Survey to all Active, Pending and Expired members in the CIT Database, approximately 1500 in total.    Doug also included the survey in the CIT News (Vol. 31, Issue 3) on July 1, 2011.  Second and third (final) notices were sent to members via email on August 4, 2011 and August 12, 2011, respectively.
As of Friday, August 12, 2011 at 5:00pm PST, 228 surveys had been started and 218 had been completed.  The deadline for completing the survey is August 15, 2011.  After this date, the data will be analyzed and a summary will be provided to the CIT Board prior to the fall face-to-face Board meeting.  Survey results will also be shared with the CIT membership as appropriate.
Membership issue:
Clarification needed regarding information provided at RID conference:
Current membership policy states that new members who join CIT during the last quarter of the membership year (August 1 – October 31) receive membership through the following year.  For example, a person who joins October 1, 2011 gets the new membership until October 31, 2012.
Question: were lapsed/renewing members told during the CIT event held during the RID conference that they would also get this benefit if they joined at the event?
If so, Doug will make adjustments accordingly in the database.  This was not the intent of the offer at RID but we will honor the offer if it was tendered by anyone on the board. (This will only affect a few people and will be easy to rectify in the database.)
Since July 1, 2011 which includes both the ASLTA and RID conferences, (if I’m reading the database correctly), we’ve received 12 memberships: 10 full (voting; including 3 new members), 2 associate (non-voting), 1 retired, and 3 institutional.  It’s hard to know how many came from our advertising at either conference.
Membership Renewal:
Membership renewal notices will be sent out to all current members in September.  Lapsed members will also be sent an email encouraging them to renew.
2.     Research and Publications:
1.  Action Items report:
A.  Digitizing of CIT News issues:  Did not happen as planned this summer.  The student worker we had planned on for doing the work ended up not coming, so will figure out another way to digitize remaining issues.
B.  Investigate link to ProQuest:  not completed.
C.  Investigation of appropriate structure for digital portions of journals:  Not completed.
2.  IJIE
A.  Editor and copy editor are working on submitted articles, getting them ready for publication.
B.  Contract with new copy editor has been signed and her first invoice has been submitted.
3.  RID
A.  Giveaway event:  We were able to get great donations from Jenna Cassell (self-directed study program, tutorial CD) and Dawn Sign Press (Carol Patrie’s entire interpreting series curriculum), as well as other materials that other board members got donated.  Should we send thank you cards?
B.  Cathy Cogen approached me at RID on behalf of the NCIEC and said they are creating a new website and want to include a CIT page with a link to the CIT website.  They want the information that we want on our page.  I need to contact her to get the details again, but I will put it together and run it past the board to get feedback before I send her the final information.  Please send me anything you want included.
C.  RID workshop presenter page on our website:  I would like to have a resource on our website for workshop presenters who don’t know how write objectives and complete the CEU instructor form.  We can talk more about this when I am able to attend the meeting, but I am interested in the Board’s thoughts about creating this resource.
D.  Conference:  Talked briefly with Kellie Stewart, the conference committee chair.  They would like to have a board liaison for the conference identified as soon as possible so they can get started on conference planning.  Also, they think we should have our next face-to-face meeting (October?) in Charlotte instead of waiting until February.
3.     Communication and Technology: No report
4.     PR and Outreach: No report
5.     Professional Development: No report
F.    New Business
1.     N/A
G.   Adjournment
Next meeting on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm EST.