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Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca F. Minor
The Community College of Baltimore County


This paper discusses current, ongoing research about the mentoring relationship and practicum structure across interpreter training programs in the United States. The first phase of this study was conducted as a small-scale pilot study involving surveys and focus groups from the researchers’ current students, recent alumni, and mentors in the interpreter training programs at both Bloomsburg University (Pennsylvania) and The Community College of Baltimore County (Maryland). In this phase, qualitative data related to the process of mentoring and trends in the mentoring process was collected. The second phase of this study, currently in progress, involves a national survey of interpreter training programs and the practicum process. The researchers include preliminary data from this survey including structure of the practicum requirement, mentor and mentee roles, whether “mentors” provide mentorship activities or whether they function more like “supervisors”, mentor training and transitioning novice interpreters from school to work.
Keywords: practicum, mentor

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2016 Biennial Conference – Out of the Gate, Towards the Triple Crown: Research, Learn, & Collaborate