Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
by Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Director of Membership

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Hello CIT members! School has started for those of you who are educators and I am sure if you are like me, you are in the thick of it! The conference is drawing near! I am excited to see you all there and get to meet you face to face. I know many of your names and this October, I hope to put a face to those names. If you joined CIT prior to August 30, 2014 as a full member, you can vote during the CIT business meeting. The business meeting is an important part of CIT and your vote counts. We look forward to seeing you all there.
Membership renewal is also rapidly approaching! The membership year runs from November 1 to October 31. Starting now, you can renew your membership for one or two years. Our rates are posted on the website. As always, if you have any questions, please email me and I am happy to answer them! See you soon!

Membership Category July 2, 2014 September 24, 2014
Full Member (voting – 1 year) 151 162
Full Member (voting – 2 years) 106 117
First-time Full Member (voting) 14 21
Associate Member (non-voting – 1 year) 18 19
Associate Member (non-voting – 2 years) 9 10
First-time Associate (non-voting) 19 25
International Member (non-voting – 1 year) 20 20
International Member (non-voting – 2 years) 22 23
First-time International Member (non-voting) 5 8
Retired (non-voting – 1 year) 6 6
Retired (non-voting – 2 years) 4 4
Institutional Member (non-voting – 1 year) 17 17
Institutional Member (non-voting – 2 years) 2 4
Total 393 436