Kellie Stewart headshot wearing CIT shirtby Kellie Stewart
Director of Membership

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Hello! My name is Kellie Stewart, Director of Membership on the CIT Board. I hope you all are doing well!
I am here in Lexington, Kentucky, for a Board meeting; while here, I calculated a total membership count of 316 members currently active under CIT. 237 of these members are Voting Members, 24 Associate Members, an amazing total of 37 International Members, 6 Retired Members, and 13 Institutional Members. This is the full breakdown of our 316 members.
Please reach out to your colleagues, mentors, and ASL instructors and tell them about our upcoming conference this fall; encourage them to join CIT, or renew their existing membership, in time to join us here in Lexington this fall for our conference. I hope to see you there!