Julie Simon


by Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Director of Membership

Hello CIT members! Spring is on the way, flowers are peaking up and things may be warming up in the near future. Earlier in March, Jimmy Beldon and myself did some membership outreach at the Sorenson VRSII Interpreter Educator Symposium. We brought membership forms and made an announcement to those present about who should join CIT and the benefits of CIT membership. Congratulations to Dave Coyne who won a free membership! We hope that some of those attendees did already join and we hope to see some further increase of members from that outreach.  If you are wondering, “Should I join CIT?” The answer is yes. If you are an educator – either teaching interpreting or ASL courses, a mentor who works with interns or professional interpreters, an agency with a mentorship program, workshop presenter, ASL tutor, or a college or university you should join CIT. The benefits for joining are having access to the members’ only section. Currently in this section, we have past proceedings from conferences as well as free access to the International Journal of Interpreter Education. We are currently working on a directory of members that will be accessible only to members. You also will receive a discount to CIT conferences which are held on even years in the fall.  Our next conference will take place in Portland, Oregon in 2014.

Membership Category January 17, 2013 March 18, 2013
Full Member (voting) 186 199
First-time Full Member (voting) 17 17
Associate Member (non-voting) 21 31
First-time Associate (non-voting) 5 8
International Member (non-voting) 21 28
First-time International Member (non-voting) 1 1
Retired (non-voting) 7 8
Institutional Member (non-voting) 17 17
Total 275 309

Stay tuned, as I will be sending out a survey soon that is related to our membership dues. The survey will look at the adding a two-year membership that is discounted compared to a one-year membership and some future additional benefits we are looking into for members. Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions, concerns, or suggestion. Have a happy spring!