Note – July no quorum – no meeting minutes, August no Board meeting
Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Face to Face Board Meeting
Lexington, KY
September 25, 2015
Persons present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kellie Stewart, Carole Lazorisak
Late: Kimberly Hale, Jeremy Rogers
Connected via mobile: Jimmy Beldon
Excused: Patty Lessard
The meeting was opened at 8:15 am Eastern Time by President, Leslie Greer
The meeting minutes from the June 10, 2015 meeting were approved.
Discussion Items

  1. Discussion about RID and Risk assessment and relationship moving forward.
    1. We want to be part of the process as we have a large number of stakeholders under CIT – the teachers and the students.
    2. CIT should have representatives in EPS – ethical practice system committee – educators should be involved in this
  2. Discussion of motion made at the CIT Business meeting in Portland, Oregon about changing the name of CIT. The Membership Director will send out a survey to see if the membership is open to a name change, if so then another survey will be sent out and a face to face forum at the next CIT Biennial conference.
  3. Discussion about bylaws, revisions made, old bylaws, new bylaws, and the changes that were made will be sent out to members
  4. Board took a tour of the Lexington, KY hotel to visualize the conference in 2016
  5. Wink contacted the board with his letter of resignation, which the board accepted.
  6. Board discussed topics related to conference planning
    1. Call for presenters
      1. Collaborate – program collaboration deaf/hearing collaboration, Deaf heart
      2. Research – any research topics
      3. Learning – teaching interpreting, ASL and mentoring,
    2. Program committee
    3. Possible keynote and plenary speakers
    4. Pre-conference activities
    5. Budget

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm by President Greer
Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Face to Face Board Meeting
Lexington, KY
September 26, 2015
Persons present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kellie Stewart, Carole Lazorisak, Jeremy Rogers
Late: Kimberly Hale
Connected via mobile: Jimmy Beldon and Patty Lessard
Excused: Patty Lessard
The meeting was opened at 8:00 am Eastern Time by President, Leslie Greer

  1. The CIT board began with discussion of the upcoming 2016 Conference
    1. The meeting began with a discussion of the registration fees for the conference. The rates were voted on for 2016 based off of projections from the past few years of 1/3 of the participants registering early bird, 1/3 regular, and 1/3 late. The rates were also based the projected budget for this conference year.
    2. The CIT board discussed potential keynote, plenary, and endnote speakers.
    3. The conference schedule was reviewed
    4. The board discussed the budget for the upcoming conference
    5. The save the date and advertisement for the conference were discussed and will include information about the hotel, shuttle service from the airport, banquet, events – planned group trip, and meals
  2. The 2016 KY Conference committee came to the meeting. We discussed our expectations for the upcoming conference.
    1. The plan for the week was discussed. Volunteers start on Tuesday, October 25 to get the program bags organized for registration
    2. Also on Tuesday the Registration Committee would like to have a meeting with the Conference committee in preparation for registration day on Wednesday, October 26
    3. Discussion of possibly an ITP student waiting at the airport with a sign that says CIT so that Deaf people can go to the volunteer student and the student can call the hotel to let them know that a person need a ride. The student will not be doing any interpreting, just calling the hotel to let them know there are passengers who need to be picked up.
    4. Saturday night for the banquet, CIT would like to invite Deaf Senior Citizens to join us. This is a way we can show our respect to the Deaf community for opening up their lives and language to interpreting students. This can be done through CIT members checking on the registration form that they do not plan to attend the banquet and would like to donate their ticket to a senior citizen.
    5. The conference schedule was discussed.
    6. Discussion of pre-conference possibilities and partnering with KY
    7. Discussion of our AV needs – 6 LCD projectors, 6 screens, presenters need to bring their own adaptors
    8. For a silent auction would be nice for the various states to donate something to the tables, the proceeds would benefit the Jacobs Hall Museum
  3. Discussion of our Communication as a board
    1. When emailing board members we must use the email for group emails, do not use personal emails.
    2. We should not use text messages as a way to discuss, motions and vote. Use text to ask people to check their email or to alert if an important special meeting must be called, but not to make decisions.
    3. Discussion of meeting platform for online meetings. Currently we are using fuze, we can look into other options for the future as we have a one year subscription.
  4. Discussion of possible replacements for the Director of Technology and Communication position
  5. Board began working on the strategic plan, specific items that were discussed
    1. Possible future interpreting teacher certification
    2. Code of ethics for interpreter educators
  1. Board recorded their reports for the CIT Newsletter

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm Eastern by President Greer.