CIT Board Online

March 18, 2015

3:15 pm meeting was called to order by President L. Greer
Present: L. Greer, J. Beldon, J. Bentley-Sassaman, P. Lessard, C. Lazorisak, K. Hale, J. Rogers
Excused: K. Stewart and W. Smith Jr.

  1. Approval of CIT Board meeting minutes from February 25, 2015.
  2. Discussion of sponsorships for StreetLeverage and the Deaf Interpreter conference.
  3. Discussion of WASLI conference sending President Greer there as a representative of CIT.
  4. Discussion that CIT will not have a representative at the World Federation of the Deaf.
  5. RID conference discussion of CIT representation at the RID conference.
  6. Discussion of next face to face meeting to complete the strategic plan.
  7. Discussion of the treasurer’s report.
  8. Discussion of Debit cards for executive board members Leslie Greer, President; Jimmy Beldon, Vice President, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Secretary, Patricia Lessard, Treasurer
  9. Possible newsletter themes – mentors, teachers best practices, co-teaching, etc.
  10. Discussion of professional engagement areas on the CIT website.
  11. Discussion of the 2016 conference in Kentucky.

Adjourned 4:27 pm by President Greer