CIT Online Meeting
Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2018
Time: 4:30 PM PST, 5:30 PM MST, 6:30 PM CST & 7:30 PM EST
Zoom ID: 511-379-924
Meeting was called to order at  7:31 pm by Vice President Kurz

  1. Roll Call: Kim Kurz; Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Patty Lessard; Rebecca Minor; Janis Cole; Sarah Wheeler; Carole Lazorisak, Leslie Greer
    1. Excused absent: None
    2. Absent: none
    3. Guests: Brandon Arthur
    4. Left early: none
  1. Minutes approval
    1. April 24th Minutes approved
  1. President Greer
    1. No report


  1. Vice President Kurz
    1. Contacted the presenters to prepare for the June meeting
  1. Secretary Bentley
    1. Action Items
  1. Treasurer Lessard
    1. Wells Fargo:

Checking:  $24,670.22
Savings: $83,321.22
PayPal: $117,880.48

    1. Paid renewal with the State of Kansas
    2. Working on 990 IRS tax form with auditor, this is an annual form that non-profit organizations must submit in order to maintain their status


  1. Communication Minor
    1. No report
  1. Professional Development Lazorisak
    1. Conference Updates – draft schedule was sent out to the board for review and also discussed the interpreters for the conference. Discussed how we can be more inclusive for mentors.
    2. June Retreat –
      1. Travel – Travel arrangements were discussed
      2. Meals – were discussed
      3. Food shopping – assigned
  1. Public Relations & Outreach Cole
    1. HP Reveal (formerly called Aurasma) – Talked with Jay Krieger and is working on a statement of work for his services
    2. CIT Communication – at the registration table and around the conference having communication policy posted for open communication
    3. Sponsorship/exhibit – working on getting sponsorships in. Discussion of the passport game as well and getting booths to donate.
    4. Discussed contacting the RID Deaf Caucus to advertise CIT and the conference.
  1. Publications & Research Wheeler
    1. Discussion of presenters and poster sessions
    2. Discussion of the proceedings and questions from the editors
    3. For new writers provide to the authors of the proceedings the idea of professional editors that can be hired or a mentor to assist with he process.
    4. Feedback and be written or signed feedback.
    5. Discussion of advertisement in the program book using HP Reveal
  1. Visitor Brandon Arthur –  discussion of how to provide more access to CIT conference through recording various workshops and how the recordings can be used, possible proceedings, possibly people can pay after the fact to watch archived workshops by paying a nominal fee to earn CEUs.


  1. Next Meeting

June Retreat: June 4 – 7, 2018
Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm eastern by Vice President Kurz