CIT Online Meeting
May 19, 2016
Meeting called to order at 8:40 pm Eastern time by President Greer.
Present: Leslie Greer, Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Jeremy Rogers, and Kim Kurz
Excused: Carole Lasorisak and Patty Lessard
Absent: Kellie Stewart and Kimberly Hale

  1. President: ALVIC – wants someone from CIT to provide input for their certification enhancements so CIT sent out an email for AVLIC in exchange for them singing out an email to their members about CIT’s upcoming conferences.

Sponsorships – will contact ITPS and others for sponsorships for the CIT conference in the near future
RID – CDI test will be a provisional test then DI must pay again for when the CDI test comes out and there have been complaints about paying for the provisional and then again for the CDI test. It seems that all current CDI test will become temporary and then all will have to take t again. That is the confusion

  1. VP: webinar, – communications and technology needs to figure out the format for that. Many people have commented that they prefer to attend local conference and it is hard to attend the CIT conference.

ASLTA wants to partner for an office shared with CIT. The worker would work out of their home so we would not need to purchase/rent office space.

  1. Secretary: Minutes approval tabled until the ext meeting as there were not enough board members who attended the face to face meeting present to vote on the minutes.

Review of action of Items
Announcement that documents from the Dropbox were moved to external hard drive and Jessica is sifting through them.

  1. Treasurer:

Checking: $41,060.42
Savings: $139,191.64
Total: $180,252.06

  1. Communication/Technology:


  1. Membership: no report


  1. Professional Development: Report submitted

Conference schedule is done
Will work on advertisement for the pre conference next week
Will put together registration codes and encourage people to start registering
Students will be introducing the speakers

  1. PRO: Will work on sponsorship letters to all ITP AA, BA, MA, PhD.


  1. Publication: no report


  1. Announcements:

Congratulations to Jeremy on finishing his Master’s thesis!
Next meeting June 20 at 11:00 am Eastern
Board meeting adjourned by President Greer at 9:59 pm