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CIT Board Online Meeting
May 11, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 4:09 pm PST
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kim Kurz, Carole Lazorisak, Sarah Wheeler, and Becca Minor
Excused: Janis Cole and Jimmy Beldon
Minutes: April approved
President Greer:

  1. Guest speakers
    1. Accepted Speaker for CIT conference
    2. Possible Speakers – keynote, plenary were discussed.
  2. Mary Stotler’s award
    1. Her daughter, Cindy Holt to be invited to the conference.

Vice-President Kurz:

  1. Revised By-Laws, By-Laws Translation Project – will first send out the revisions signed by Kim and then once the bylaws are voted on then a professional translator will be hired to translate the bylaws
  2. CIT PPM [Policies and Procedure Manual] – we will finish this up in August.
  3. CCIE – they are suggesting a corporate agreement that we will read and provide feedback by June 1, 2017
  4. Camera equipment [camera, battery, backpack, tripod and SD cards

Secretary Bentley-Sassaman:

  1. Action of Items

Treasurer Lessard:

  1. Wondering if NTFDBI doodle poll came out.  Did you recommend anyone from CIT – the contact was made but no follow up
  2. Did CIT want to discuss the dismal passing rate with folks from CASLI?
  3. Wells Fargo Account
    1. Checking: $46, 385.66


  1. Savings: $89,007.76


  1. PayPal: $69,969.46


  1. Total: $205,362.88

Communications Minor:
Next week Jimmy, Sarah and Becca will meet to talk about social media and recruitment.
Professional Development Lazorisak:

  1. 2018 CIT Conference:
    1. Contacted Carolyn re $30,000 conference start up.
    2. DIC 2 is in progress with the CIT board attending an presenting
    3. Motion: Conference SpeakersPublic Relations & Outreach Cole: No report

Publications & Research Wheeler:
Working with my brother who works as the Director of Distance and Accelerated Learning at California College (college of the canyons) to come up with an action plan and direction to approach both motions 1 & 2.
I have also reached out to JASLL [Journal of American Sign Language & Literatures –] to discuss their website and will let you know the results from that as soon as I get a meeting set up, etc. Kim will take over this contact and reach out to them.
Elevate conference
Technology Beldon:
Jimmy had the old CIT banner.
Carolyn Ball has the new banner and the CIT 2018 conference logo.
Next Meeting Schedule: June 20, 2017 at 4 PM PST and 7 PM EST
Meeting Adjourned by President Greer at 5:24 PST.