CIT Board Online Meeting
March 9, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 7:13 pm Eastern
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kim Kurz, Carole Lazorisak, Sarah Wheeler, Becca Minor, Jimmy Beldon, and Janis Cole
Excused: Patty Lessard
President Greer:

  1. CIT 2018 – Kent Kennedy flight issue
  2. Street Leverage April 21-23, 2017 – Leslie will attend
    1. Paul, Minn
    2. Jenna Gorman
  3. CIT Visa Credit Card – currently does not work, will need updated cards
  4. ASLTA Conf – we will have a booth, discussion of president’s registration being wiaved.
    1. AirBnB
    2. Transportation – try to find flights under $400
    3. MOU – to be set up with ASLTA and CIT

Vice-President Kurz:
Waiting to hear back from Jimmy and Janise about the Deaf translator for the By-laws
Secretary Bentley-Sassasman:

  1. Approval of meeting minutes (Feb.)
  2. August face to face meeting will be August 7-10 – Carole will look for Air B and B locations.

Treasurer Lessard:

  1. Template of sponsorship
  2. b) Checking $84,622.66

Savings $89,997.20
PayPal $    

  1. c) I sent a message to Janis about the International Deaf Translation Summit donation.  The website I was directed to did not list this event as one of the receivers of funds online. I am waiting to find out what to do next.
  2. d) Will have the ASLTA sponsorship done then end of the week.
  3. e) DICII sponsorship on hold until someone gives me a viable link to donate
  4. Waiting on information to finish the NAOBI donation.

Communications Minor: No Report
Professional Development Lazorisak:

  1. The Board approved that we could send out a pre-questionnaire and here is the link – does the board approve to have Doug send this out to the members? Deadline to fill out by March 1, 2017?

  1. The Program Chairs discussion
  2. The Program Book discussion
  3. The Registration Chairperson discussion
  4. First time Member Mentor for CIT Conference:  Dr. Carol Patrie – will put on hold as we want a Deaf person to be involved in this as well.

Actions Needed:

  1. Send out questionnaire
  2. Send out ad for CIT to save the date for CIT with our logo and hotel
  3. Need to see if Street Leverage is willing to be the sponsor and Live Streamer again
  4. The CIT board picks the keynote speaker, plenary and end note speaker.
  5. Once the questionnaire is completed by the CIT Members then we can complete the Eventbrite registration and send to the Board for approval. The Conference committee needs to work with Patty as she is the treasurer.

Public Relations & Outreach Cole:
No report
Publications & Research Wheeler:

  1. a) SLACK Page – an area where we can put documents for discussion

Technology Beldon:
No report
Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 pm