CIT Meeting Notes

March 28th, 2022

Meeting start 6:06pm EST

Roll Call, Present:

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Jenny Gough
  3. Stephen Fitzmaurice
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Eric Driskill
  6. Ben Davis – excused absent

President’s Report

  1. Guest Dani Hunt – updates on process of approving the next edition if IJIE. Likely ready in about one month. New editorial board updated and soon to be added to website. Discussion about payments for editors and term limits.
  2. Discussion of process for determining keynote speakers for 2022 conference.

Vice President’s Report

  1. Discussion of upcoming bylaws change. Email to members likely to be sent April 1st. Discussion of feedback from parliamentarian.
  2. Discussion of conference awards.

Conference Report

  1. Guest Cindi Brown – update on sponsor adds, program and banquet menu.

Secretary Report

  1. Approval of February minutes

Treasurer Report

Communications Report

  1. Updates from ASLTA. ASLTA liaison to join CIT meeting in June.
  2. Updates on conference swag selection – fleece and cups.

Meeting adjournment Driskill/Fitzmaurice. Meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 7:44pm EST.

Next meeting

April 25th 12-1pm EST


Fitzmaurice/Driskill. Move that main editor start date be set to January 1st and assistant editor’s start date on April 1st. Passed unanimously.

Fitzmaurice/Driskill. Move that henceforth, CIT will reimburse the IJIE Editorial Assistant a sum of $ 200 per annum and the commencement date for this soul begin 01 April annually. Passed unanimously.

Minor/Fitzmaurice. Move to approve the February 2022 meeting minutes as written. Passed unanimously.