CIT Face to Face Meeting
Meeting Minutes
June 4 – 6, 2018 CIT Face to Face Board Retreat
June 4

  1. Roll Call: Kim Kurz; Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Patty Lessard; Janis Cole; Sarah Wheeler; Carole Lazorisak, Leslie Greer (joining via Zoom)


  1. Excused absent: Rebecca Minor
  2. Absent: none
  3. Guests: none
  4. Left early: none

The meeting was called to order at 7:21 PM Eastern by Vice President Kurz

  1. President Greer:


  1. Call for nominations for the CIT business meeting, will send rough draft
  2. ASLTA Bylaws discussion
  3. Parliamentarian discussion Andy Lange from St. Augustine, Florida – Patty will call him to talk about the cost for coming. Discussion of cost 2 nights hotel – flight and honorarium


  1. Vice President Kurz:


  1. Kim and Carole talked to and contacted Doug and 101 people have registered. Typically, is it 1/3 early, 1/3 regular, 1/3 late. As of now that number is good. Typically, we have around 280-300 people who register.
  2. Award nomination discussion
  3. Discussion of WFD and WASLI conferences are taking place in July in Paris, France
  4. CIT needs to look at more global language and also how we can partner with other countries to languages. Also, there are contacts on how to set up interpreting programs in other countries so it would be great if CIT could be there to represent that.
  5. good idea to bring proceedings from 2018 to show people and also have cards for 2020 to advertise the CIT conference in St. Paul.


  1. Secretary Bentley-Sassaman:


  1. Will hold until Wednesday and review all action items and also the meeting minutes.


  1. Treasurer Lessard:

Noticed more people have made payments for the conference registration
Average conference cost $130,000
Wells Fargo Bank
Checking:                $ 32,297.15
Savings:                 $  82,325.45
Sub-total: $114,622.60
Pay Pal
Grand total:         $253,311.60
Still outstanding: expenses related to the Board retreat/training in June, and other conference-related expenses that will be coming.
Directors Reports:

  1. Communication Minor:

No report

  1. Professional Development Lazorisak:


  1. Jay accepted for the HP reveal. He will be the technology person at the conference, surveying polling, QR codes for evaluations, participation workshop attendance, will have bar codes on the name tags and people can scan the bar codes
  2. 1 presenter backed out and now the proceedings editors want to know who is on the waiting list to be chosen.
  3. Need clarity on the scoring process. Need rubric and to discuss how the presentations are selected, should not be on first come first served, but instead should be focused on track and compare tracks within tracks.


  1. Public Relations & Outreach Cole:


  1. Sandy MacLennon chair of the RID Deaf caucus to pull in members for CIT.


  1. Publications & Research Wheeler:


  1. The meeting with the editors went well and it really helped to clarify the process.
  2. June 15 if the draft is not submitted then a presenter on the waiting list is chosen.
  3. Put tentative: subject to change on w water mark on the document so that it is clear that the presenters may change by the time of the conference.
  4. Sarah developed the FAQ list which helped to clarify by adding in definitions for commentary versus research-based writing.

Meeting ended by VP Kurz 8:35 PM Eastern and 5:35 pm Pacific will resume June 5 at 9:00 am Eastern
June 5

  1. Roll Call: Kim Kurz; Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Patty Lessard; Rebecca Minor; Janis Cole; Sarah Wheeler; Carole Lazorisak, Leslie Greer (joining via Zoom)


  1. Excused absent: none
  2. Absent: none
  3. Guests: Jenese Portee and Rafael Trevino
  4. Left early: none

From 10:00 am – 4:00 PM Eastern the board members engaged in a social justice training with Jenese Portee and Rafael Trevino.
The board meeting began at 4:30 pm Eastern to 6:30 pm Eastern to debrief and develop an action plan from the day’s training.
Action plan items:
Discussion of CIT hiring a consultant to help develop short term and long-term plans for how we can become more inclusive. Criteria for a consultant will need to be developed.
Legacy videos – Will finish for the conference.
First-timer program to help people feel welcome to CIT.
Making contact with organizations on a yearly basis to show we are supporting them
Letters to the presidents of the organizations from the CIT board.
Discussion of the letter to the organizations will have the conference fee waived or they can contact CIT to get a code to watch streaming online.
By having tracks, then it shows that we value diversity – ASL teaching track, research track, mentor track and teaching track.  Make sure that it is clear that you can pick and choose what workshops you want to attend, you are not stuck in one track, and you can explore others.
June 6

  1. Roll Call: Kim Kurz; Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Patty Lessard; Rebecca Minor; Janis Cole; Sarah Wheeler; Carole Lazorisak, Leslie Greer (joining via Zoom)


  1. Excused absent: none
  2. Absent: none
  3. Guests: none
  4. Left early: none

The meeting began at 9:08 AM Eastern time
Vice President Kurz discussed the agenda for the day.
Discussion of PPM revisions. Revisions were made and some parts which are no longer applicable.
Conference proceedings access for non-members was discussed and proceedings will become available for a nominal fee starting in January 2019.
Approval of the meeting minutes
In the morning the board split up in groups to discuss various topics, so we can divide and conquer groups are 1. Bylaws – Kim and Jessica, 2. Conference Guidelines Leslie, Carole, Becca and Sarah, 3. Consultant criteria Patty and Janis.
In the afternoon the board split into other groups to focus on:
10 organizations letter – Leslie, Jessica, and Carole
Whistle blower and document retention policy – Patty and Becca
CIT’s Abstract for WASLI – Kim, Janis, and Sarah
Video/picture release – Carole and Sarah
Board reconvened at 7:00 PM to discuss what the groups did
Discussion of voting procedures at the conference and using technology to allow private voting.
Discussion of the consultant for diversity and social justice. First the duties were listed and then the skill set needed to do the job.
Discussion of the Whistle Blowers Policy, need to follow Kansas’ regulations. A whistleblower email account was developed so that people can send emails if they need to report something. For feedback please use track changes on the document. Patty will make all the final changes on the policy.
Document retention policy, please provide feedback in track changes.
Discussion of who will receive the emails from the whistle blower account, it may be someone outside of the board.
Discussion of the organizations we will reach out to and how to include Deaf-Blind.
Discussion of an ad hoc cost analysis for Deaf-blind at future conferences
Patty and Janis will be on this committee
The abstract for WFD is done and WASLI is July 31. The board members names will be on the abstract proposal.
Discussion of nomination chair, a call for nomination char must be sent ASAP out to members.
Discussion of Google calendar that will automatically send out reminders to everyone.
Discussion of conference gifts to people who register for the conference. And for when working at CIT booths, we need give-a-ways like the book with the logo on them.
Becca will send email to members about the awards deadline.
Discussion of RID CEO and CIT stance.
Meeting adjourned at 10:08 PM Eastern and 7:08 pm Pacific
Next meeting is online August 7, 2018 7:30 pm Eastern, 4:30 pm Pacific