CIT Online Meeting
June 20, 2016
Meeting called to order at 11:09 pm Eastern time by President Greer.
Present: Leslie Greer, Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Jeremy Rogers, and Kim Kurz
Excused: Carole Lasorisak and Patty Lessard
Absent:  Kimberly Hale

  1. President:
  2. Will send a letter this coming week about MOU with CCIE
  3. Contacted NAD about waiving the president and VP registration for the NAD conference


  1. VP: Discussion of:
  2. GIS interpreting services for the conference
  3. A shared staff member – possibly with ASLTA.
  4. Jimmy will contact RID about the LLC and CIT being a possible stakeholder
  5. A MOU with ASLTA


  1. Secretary:
  2. Motions and passage of the April and May 2016 meeting minutes
  3. Review of action of Items


  1. Treasurer:


  1. Account Balances:

Business Checking:  $41,820.47
Business High Yield Savings:  $139,616.31
PayPal:  $51,187.53

  1. Conference Checking Account

There is the possibility of opening a second checking account specifically for conference-related expenses.  The bank said they thought it could not be another Business Checking account, but we could still open another account.  If we wanted another Business account, we would have to create a new account altogether.
In order to open either accounts, I would need to show a copy of the minutes where a motion was made to create a separate checking account specifically for conference-related expenses.
In the meantime, I have left the large balance in the PayPal account.

  1. BlueJeans Business [waiting for quote]

BlueJeans offers up to 25 participants/end points in a single meeting; it is a cloud- based Video Conference service.  Participants can join BlueJeans meeting via various platforms and devices.
Bandwidth: minimum of 384 Kbps, for both upload and download, is needed to support your video call. For 720p HD resolution the user should have at least 1024Kbps (1Mbps) up/down bandwidth as well as a 720p capable webcam.
Quality is purely based on Bandwidth/ equipment used at host & participant end points.

  1. Options were provided for video conferencing services. However, Keystone Interpreting Solutions is providing an in-kind donation allowing us to use their Zoom-In account, thank you.


  1. Communication/Technology:
  2. Met with Doug about the database, walked Kim through how to use the database.
  3. Directions for accessing the database were forwarded to the board and the directions will be uploaded to Google Drive
  4. A Doodle Poll was sent out to Patty, Jeremy, Kellie and Kimberly to meet and discuss the database, any issues or concerns that the board members have and then those will be communicated to the webmaster for resolution.


  1. Membership:
  2. Membership breakdown

Voting Members = 258
Associate Members = 26
International Members = 45
Institutional Members = 14
Retired Members = 7
Total:  350

  1. A discussion of the results of the survey to find out if CIT members were open to investigate the name change of CIT. The results were in favor of investigating a name change. CIT board now needs to know how that affects our non-profit status. We need to look into the legal aspect of the 501 c3 and a name change before we can move forward with any voting. If a name change can take place, a committee will be set up to take possible names and then send out a vote to members.


  1. Professional Development:
  2. Concerns about the hotel space related to horse racing – we should have 150 rooms


  1. Public Relations and Outreach:
  2. Will work on sponsorship letters to all ITP AA, BA, MA, PhD.
  3. Will send out follow up emails to the places where letters have already been sent.


  1. Publication: no report


  1. Announcements:

A doodle poll will be sent out for upcoming board meetings.
Board meeting adjourned by President Greer at 12:09 pm EST