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Inviting you to join P.E.P Committee!

Are you interested in helping shape and plan the 2020 CIT conference program and proceedings?

Are you interested in creating a conference program with a team but never had the opportunity? Do you want to review presentation proposals for the conference program? Have you ever thought of cultivating your editing skills? Are you interested in working with a team of professionals who share the skill of editing documents for publication? Are you looking for opportunities to expand your professional skills? We are looking for both experienced and first-time members who have energy and enthusiasm for preparing an exciting 2020 CIT conference program!

What does P.E.P. represent?

The Conference of Interpreter Trainers is inviting you to join a new team, the P.E.P. team. P.E.P is an acronym for Program, Editing and Publication.  The P.E.P. team will be comprised of experienced and emerging professionals who will work collaboratively on the development of the conference program tracks and guidelines, be involved in the process of editing, and play a vital role in the academic publishing process for the 2020 CIT conference.
The goal is to promote the pool of experienced and emerging professionals in the field of interpreting education. Volunteers for the P.E.P. team are welcome to apply to one or more conference preparation activities below. 

Envision and Implement Program and Documentation Guidelines

Manage the Proposal Peer Review Process

Manage Conference Documentation

Timelines and Opportunities for your participation
The following timelines have been established by the CIT Board.  Calls for each will be sent before the application due date for each activity.  Please apply for any and all that interest you!

PEP Tasks Time Commitment (Est.) Time Frame (Est)
P.E.P. initial planning 15-20 hours July, 2019
Envision and Implement/program development 10-15 hours July/August, 2019
Coordinate Call for Presentations 10-15 hours August/September, 2019
Coordinate Peer Review Process 20-30 hours October/November
Conference Documentation/editing

  • First draft: 20-30 hours
  • Second draft: 30-40 hours


January, 2020
April, 2020

Professionals must disclose all potential conflicts of interest to determine any possible bias.
 Members serving on the P.E.P. team will receive support and guidance from the CIT Director of Research and Publications and Director of Professional Development.
CIT will waive the 2020 Conference registration fee.

General Expectations for P.E.P. Team members include the following:

  1. Work with the timeline as provided by the CIT Board.
  2. Utilize software identified by CIT (e.g., Google Docs for all submissions, suggested edits, and final proceedings. Support for these will be provided whenever possible).
  3. Keep all reviews, drafts and other materials submitted for the conference strictly confidential.
  4. Abide by current English/ASL submission style guidelines when providing editing feedback.
  5. Respond in a prompt manner to questions and concerns from authors regarding their submissions.
  6. Share the Google Docs Submissions Folder with key personnel, such as, but not limited to conference planners, CIT webmaster, Director of Research and Publications, Director of Professional Development, CEU coordinator and interpreter coordinator(s).
  7. Do not distribute Conference Proceedings as they are copyrighted by CIT.
  8. Participate in a final review with the Director of Research and Publications after the conference is completed.

Individuals interested in serving on the P.E.P. team should fill out the following form. Please direct any questions to the Director of Professional Development or the Director of Research and Publications.  
Deadline for submission is June 21, 2019.

P.E.P. Team Interest Form

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