Request for Proposal – Webmaster

Date:                           October 1, 2020

Deadline:          November 1, 2020

Submit Bid To:


Accepted proposals will be effective December 1, 2020.  Contract shall be for one (1) year and reviewed annually. Either party may terminate the contract with 60-days notice. CIT has the right to accept or reject any bid.

CIT currently uses DeafVision as its hosting provider using the WordPress system.   Online payments are taken for membership dues and professional development registrations through PayPal. The membership database is built in aMember. This is where CIT manages all aspects of tracking members, dues, communications, etc. This membership database is tightly integrated into the Member Only section.

WEB DEVELOPMENT and MAINTENANCE SERVICES consist of posting new and updated information to the site on an as-needed basis and providing feedback to the CIT President regarding process and quality control issues. Additionally, maintaining ongoing communications with the hosting provider to resolve all technical issues or questions in a timely manner is required, as is reporting all issues to the CIT President. 


  1. Webmaster
    • Maintain and update web site
      • Update WordPress scripts & plug-ins
      • Deal with any overall design changes
      • Manage PayPal buttons and payment options with Treasurer
      • Support Board of Directors in their updating of the website
    • Conduct needs analysis for all web and cloud-based integration
    • Communicate with web hosting company) regarding server issues
    • Job Postings & Advertisements 
      • Manage advertising process
      • Communicate invoices to be issued by Treasurer
      • Post advertisements on website
      • Send out as e-mail and/or include in newsletter
  2. International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE)
    • Take Word documents from Editors and publish on the web site in both PDF and html formats
  3. Professional Development
    • Coordinate with PD Director to host and register members for professional development opportunities using Zoom
  4. Membership Database
    • Maintain and update the database software
    • Support board in finding member information
    • Create specialized searches
    • Merge multiple accounts for users
    • Update automated membership renewal reminders & e-mails sent out after people do renew
  5. Other website or database related issues


  1. Invoice for services rendered including a list of duties performed are due on a monthly basis 
  2. Invoices shall be sent to CIT Treasurer, who will verify pages worked on during the preceding month
  3. Contractor will provide a valid name and address for mailing of payment