University of Rochester
Sign Language Technical Associate

HR Title: Technical Associate
HR Job Number: 190258
Functional job title: Sign Language Technical Associate
Supervisors: Co-directors
Purpose: To provide resources for translation and interpreting services for American Sign Language Program, including responsibility for evaluation, oversight and hiring of freelance interpreters for highly technical academic work; interpret for meetings between Deaf faculty and other faculty, the Dean, and the University President as well as interpreting for events and other meetings; serve as the primary administrator and financial analyst for the ASL Program; teach 2-3 courses in the School of Arts & Sciences on translation and interpreting; collaborate with ASL instructors on the preparation of grant proposals and research publications as needed.
Requires native proficiency in ASL and nationally ranked, highest level of skill and accomplishments in ASL interpreting and translation; scientific training and use of appropriate, field-specific written and oral English in academic settings; administrative and management abilities.
Apply online at UR Sign Language Technical Associate 190258 and enter 190258 in the Keyword/Posting Number search field.