The Texas Dept of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Office for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS), is currently seeking aCommunication Access Oversight Specialist for Austin, Texas.
The Communication Access Oversight Specialist is hired by, is accountable and reports to the Director and performs highly complex (senior-level) consultative service and program assistance work. Work involves oversight, planning, cost analysis, reviewing, and providing advice to program trainers. Oversees the development and implementation of various training and education programs and providing consultative services and technical assistance to program staff, governmental agencies, community organizations, and the general public. Seeks new and up-to-date methods to collect data to determine best approach for the direction training needs. Trains, leads, and/or prioritizes the workload of others.
Duties include: establishing program goals and objectives; developing program guidelines, procedures, and policies; developing schedules and priorities; evaluating program activities; and providing consultative and technical services, overseeing, advising and facilitating program trainers that provide information, technical assistance, educational training to consumers, the general public, other governmental agencies, public/private community organizations, contracted service providers, and agency staff.
For further information and to apply:

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