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The University of Kansas Edward’s Campus (KUEC) in Overland Park, Kansas has a new ASL/Deaf Studies department and will begin offering tracks in ASL, Social Justice/Deaf Studies and ASL/English interpretation this fall. One Director/Associate Professor of Practice is already on board and they are searching for an Assistant Director/Professor of Practice to help in getting this program off the ground!
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Johnson County Community College (JCCC) graduated the last cohort of students pursuing interpreting education May 2019. JCCC has a long history of providing strong ASL and interpreting education as one of the first vocational programs that was established back in the early 1980’s. The JCCC team worked hard to develop a partnership with KUEC to help transition to JCCC offering ASL and Deaf Studies foundations so students can transfer to KUEC for advanced ASL and Deaf Studies then begin interpreting education when demonstrating sufficient ASL and English competencies (as well as other skills and knowledge). It is our hope this will create more effective teaching and learning practices that will have a positive impact on our fields of study and communities! KUEC is excited to continue taking steps forward. There is much opportunity for impacting change and establishing a strong program in the mid-west at a well-known Research 1 University!
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