CIT Online Board Meeting


January 6, 2023

  1. Attendance

Leslie Greer 

Jenny Gough

Royce Carpenter

Carole Lazoriak

Phyllis Dora Rifkin

Jason Listman

Max Williamson

Jose-ovi Velasquez

Samond Bishara

Patricia Moers-Patterson

Eileen Forestal

Cindy Volk

Janis Cole

  1. Welcome
    • Introduce and state position
  1. President Greer’s report
    • Brief history of CIT
    • Role model
    • Communication
    • Contact 
      • Rule
      • Share
    • Commitment
    • Teamwork
  1. Vice President Gough’s report
    • Bylaws
    • Bylaws committee
    • Zoom
    • Updated with CIT’s website and access
  1. Secretary Carpenter’s report
    • No access to or
    • Jane the webmaster- no contact
    • I need everyone’s preferred personal email address, phone numbers, birthday (month and day), mailing address. Send to
  1. Co-Treasurers
    • Jason Listman
    • Max Williamson
  1. Professional Development Co-Chairs’ report
    • Carole Lazorisak
      • Guidelines that were revised by two ladies and approved by the previous Board members. The new change is tasks being removed from PD to Conference Chairs (two ladies).
      • Email address
    • Eileen Forestal
      •  a brief newsletter to start the new year and introduce the new board and committees. We all make short video clips. In Newsletter we can state a short list of goals for next 1-2 months. Also state that we welcome comments and questions from the members. 
    • Patty Moers-Patterson
    • Survey for location, date and theme
  1. Communication Co-Chairs
    • Danilo Torres
    • Jose-Ovi Velasquez
  1. Schedule for 2023
    • Bring your calendar, please

Action Item:

Leslie contact (SF) treasurer about CC and bank account information. Need to remove old treasurer from account

Meeting began 4:03 PM EST

Adjourned 6:09 PM EST