Roll Call, Present: 

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Jenny Gough 
  3. Stephen Fitzmaurice 
  4. Rebecca Minor 
  5. Eric Driskill  
  6. Ben Davis – absent excused

President’s Report

  1. Discussion about new emails for all Board member and the importance of checking email regularly.  
  2. Discussion of Conference Keynote and Endnote speakers.  Board voted on a list of names.  President Bentley-Sassaman will reach out to secure the speakers.  
  3. Discussion of Conference registration rates. Rates do not include the Banquet fee.   In conference add include “pay later” description if using PayPal to pay.  CIT will not do payment plan but PayPal may.

Vice President Report 

  1. Discussion of timeline for vote on changes to the Bylaws. 


  1. October, November and December meeting Minutes


PayPal $ 45,826   

WellsFargo $ 66,051   

Total: $ 111,877

  1. Discussion of over overspending due to website development in 2021. Will email the 2022 budget proposal. 

Professional Development

  1. Conference updates.  Updates on organizations to join and sponsor.  


1. Discussion of member’s preferred social media platform.  

New Business 

Motion to invite the Keynote and Endnote speaker based on 1st and 2nd choices in Board poll.  Minor/Driskill. Passed unanimously

Motion to accept the conference rates as listed.   Davis/Minor. Passed unanimously

Motion to approve the meeting minutes for October – December. Minor/Davis. Passed unanimously

Meeting adjournment Minor/Driskill.  Meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 11:53am EST.