Dear ASL/English interpreter colleagues,
There are several interpreter/researchers from Northeastern Ohio who are looking at the work we do.  Heidi Gerlosky, Moses McIntosh, and Leah Subak are continuing to look at data found by Subak (2014) about the place of culture in the interpreting process.
We desire to add to the body of work in our field by specifically looking at Deaf culture, interpreters, and other aspects of the interpreting process contextualizing our work. We will use the data for a research article and/or a text about the results.
Would you please complete a 24 question survey that should take you 15 minutes.  The survey relates to various aspects of the two languages, cultures, and other attributes of sociolinguistic processing that we encounter everyday. We are interested in your thoughts about the importance of the interpreting characteristics mentioned above.
Could you please complete the survey by June 1, 2018?  
There are directions at the beginning of the survey.  If you begin the survey and have questions, you may close the survey and start again at a later time after you send an email asking your question.  Please use this email address –
If you receive multiple surveys, please only complete one survey.  You may forward this email to interpreter lists you have.
The bios of the researchers appear below.
Please click on the link appropriate to your sociolinguistic situation to begin.
L2 = Interpreters without Deaf parents
IDP = Interpreters with d/Deaf parents (Coda)
DI = Deaf interpreters
DI version –
IDP version –
L2 version –
Many thanks for taking the time to assist us in further exploring our work.
Best regards,
Leah Subak, Heidi Gerlosky, and Moses McIntosh

Researchers’ bios

Heidi Gerlosky is a practicing interpreter in the Cleveland area as well as Northeastern Ohio.  She graduated with her M.Ed. from the University of North Florida and a B.S. from Kent State University.  She holds NIC-Advanced as well as EIPA, 4.1.  Heidi is a full-time video interpreter as well as interpreting in post-secondary and community settings.  She is a practicum supervisor and adjunct faculty at Kent State University.  Heidi has done presentations locally, regionally, as well as nationally.  She has a fond affiliation with the Arizona Deaf community as she spent seven years there developing her skills.
Moses McIntosh is a practicing interpreter in the Northeast Ohio region. Graduating with his undergraduate degree in interpreting and ASL language, and his master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University, he has worked both as an instructor and an interpreter in various settings. Moses has presented locally, regionally, as well as nationally.  He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Studies, with a current research emphasis on the intersection of language learning and ideology. He has worked in a variety of fields including k-12, post-secondary, community, medical, VRS, & VRI and is currently the Manager, Purple Communications, Akron, Ohio.
Leah Subak resides in Northeastern Ohio, and lived in metropolitan Washington DC, having learned American Sign Language from both Deaf communities. Interpreting currently includes post-secondary and Video Relay. Credentials include; MA from Gallaudet University and Ph.D. from Kent State University.  Certifications held include CI/CT, NAD, and EIPA. She is a qualified administrator of the Intercultual Development Inventory.
She is on staff with Kent State University as well as adjunct faculty. Leah has held offices in professional interpreting organizations and chaired various conferences and has presented at conferences locally, regionally, and nationally.