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CIT President, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, introduces our new director of communication, Nicole Morgan. Both are looking forward to meeting you at the 2020 CIT Conference in Minneapolis, MN on August 12-15.

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Title Screen: CIT announces a new director of communication
[A white woman with brown hair wearing a purple button-down shirt with a white CIT logo on the chest sits in front of a beige wall and signs the following message.]
>>Jessica:  Hello, I am Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, CIT president. I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce our new director of communication, Nicole Morgan. I will let her introduce herself and talk about our upcoming conference in Minneapolis.
[A black woman with black braids held up by a purple head wrap and wearing a denim jacket and red shirt sits in front of a tan wall and signs the following message.]
>>Nicole:  Hello.  I am Nicole Morgan. I have been involved in many professional and community organizations, but I am excited to have just joined the CIT board as the new Director of Communication.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the conference in Minneapolis from August 12-15, 2020.  See you there.
[Conference logo on white background.  Words “Transforming Interpreter Education” form an arc over a colorful graphic rendering of the Minneapolis skyline.  “Vision 20/20” is between the arc and the skyline.  Along the bottom are the words:  CIT | Minneapolis, MN | August 12-15, 2020]