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As a final gift of 2019, CIT is pleased to announce the publication of the International Journal of Interpreter Education Vol 11(2).  Edited by Ineke Crezee and George Major, this issue contains recent research as well as new resources for interpreting.  Check out what there is to learn from the IJIE about interpreter education in emerging settings.
You can view the complete volume here.  All of the entries are available as both a PDF and an online article.
This journal is open access, so please share with colleagues who might be interested in the research and commentary as well as learning about what CIT is doing to promote interpreter education.


Interpreter education in emerging settings
George Major and Ineke Crezee

Research Articles

Contextualizing Interpreter Education in Africa: Two Case Studies from Kenya
Carmen Delgado Luchner
Cooperation as a Coping Mechanism When Interpreting between Deaf Refugees and Hearing Professionals
Elisabet Trengereid Olsen

Open Forum

Interview with Joneti Rokotuibau: Building Capacity in the Pacific Islands
Debra Russell and Joneti Rokotuibau
Interview with An Agent of Change: Dr Xiaoyan Xiao
Debra Russell and Xiaoyan Xiao


Working with Active Interpreters: A Commentary about Interpreting Terminology and Concepts
Hilde Haualand and Anna-Lena Nilsson

Student Work

Accuracy: Omissions in Consecutive versus Simultaneous Interpreting
Evy Cox and Heidi Salaets

Dissertation Abstracts