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CIT is pleased to announce the publication of the International Journal of Interpreter Education Vol 11(1).  Edited by Ineke Crezee and George Major, this issue contains recent research as well as new resources for interpreting.  Check out what there is to learn from the IJIE about interpreter education in the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Table of Contents


Interpreter Education in the International Year of Indigenous Languages
Ineke Crezee and George Major

Research Articles 

The Effect of Self-Repair on Judged Quality of Consecutive Interpreting: Attending to Content, Form and Delivery
Weiwei Zhang and Zhongwei Song
American Sign Language Competency: Comparing Student Readiness for a Four-Year Interpreter Degree Program
Barbara Garrett and Emily Girardin
Online Project Based Learning: The Efficacy for Signed Language Interpreters
Campbell McDermid, James Pope and Michael Conrad

Open Forum

Interview with Nicole Wei Lan: Medical Interpreter Educator in Hong Kong and CATTI Certified Conference Interpreter   
Ester S. M. Leung and Nicole Wei Lan
The Indigenous Interpreter®: An Interview
Cynthia E. Roat, Katharine Allen, Marjory Bancroft and Angélica Isidro


Book review: Here or There 
Laura Maddux

Dissertation Abstracts