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Cover of book, “Walk in My Shoes”

First-Ever Book on Deaf-Blindness
Written by Deaf-Blind Writers from Canada,  Mexico and the US
“Walk in My Shoes” is an extraordinary collection of more than two dozen true life stories written by writers (including Laura Rough, Jenni Thompson, and Stephen Erhlich) who have Usher syndrome.  I’m one of them.   Our stories present compelling views and insights to life with both deafness and blindness from Usher syndrome, a leading cause of deaf blindness in the world.  You’ll find a press release with additional information about the book.
“Walk In My Shoes” Edited by Charlotte J. DeWitt,  is a project of the Usher Syndrome Coalition  ( and, and can be purchased on Createspace at  or on Amazon (both Paperback and Kindle.)
Audio, large print and Braille versions will be available soon.
Proceeds will go to the Usher Syndrome Coalition for providing scholarships to Usher syndrome conferences and for supporting research for cures for the various forms of Usher syndrome.
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