CIT Online Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2018
Time: 4:30 PM PST, 5:30 PM MST, 6:30 PM CST & 7:30 PM EST

  1. Roll Call Leslie Greer, Kim Kurz, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Patty Lessard, Carole Lazorisak, Sarah Wheeler and Janis Cole
    1. Excused absent: Rebecca Minor
    2. Absent: None
    3. Guests: Naomi Sheneman, Daniel Gough and Xman Ackerman
    4. Left early: Patty Lessard left at 6:02 PM PST


  1. Minutes approval
    1. Minutes
      1. January minutes were approved.


  1. President Greer
    1. ASLTA / CIT MOU
    2. Legacies and Legends video / guideline
    3. GuideStar on CIT’s website – a way to recognize non-profit organizations.
    4. NTID: Ronnie Zuchegno – Vice President Kurz stepped out of the meeting during this discussion. For this discussion, CIT as an organization will abstain from making comment, but we would like to promote and encourage standards for Deaf interpreters. That CIT promote equal access to interpreting programs no matter if a person is hearing or Deaf.


  1. Vice President Kurz
    1. Nomination Committee Update – Doug gets the nomination names then he shares them with the committee chair. Will send out a reminder for the award nominations.
    2. Daniel Gough & Xman Ackerman – Bylaws updates – Xman and Daniel shared their comments related to the changes they see that needed to be made in our bylaws and why we should make those changes.
    3. RID Ex. Director Search Committee – Leslie, as CIT president should serve as a member of the search committee.
    4. CIT Board Retreat Social Justice Workshop –will discuss social justice issues at our board retreat in June. This will be on June 5, Tuesday.


  1. Secretary Bentley
    1. Action of Items


  1. Treasurer Lessard
    1. Wells Fargo
      1. Checking: $30,139.15
      2. Saving: $84,308.95

PayPal:                    $91,285.96
TOTAL               $205,734.06

  1. Renewal memberships for conference registration and who is responsible for new memberships/renewal
  2. Got a few sponsorships towards to the conference
  3. Record Retention Policy and Whistle Blower Policy
  4. Insurance – due in March – any new physical address or email address changes must be sent to Patty


  1. Communication Minor
    1. CIT Store (
    2. Post Cards – were sent to Interpreting Programs
    3. RID Views
    4. CIT Name change – will send out the survey soon
    5. Retreat


  1. Professional Development Lazorisak
    1. Conference updates – discussion of the preparations and encouraging people to purchase their tickets.
    2. June Retreat


  1. Public Relations & Outreach Cole
    1. Jay Kreuger – Aurasma – HP – will work on getting this set up for the conference
    2. Sponsors – so far we have a good number of sponsors


  1. Publications & Research Wheeler
    1. Naomi Sheneman – discussion of the new procedure for CIT’s call for presentations and concerns. Based on this the board modified the timeline.
    2. Conference updates regarding checklist/poster session completed on the website
    3. Proceedings editors’ timeline
    4. Video by Ritchie Bryant completed and on our site (


  1. Next Meetings
    1. March 13 7:30 pm eastern, 4:30 pm Pacific
    2. April 24 7:30 pm eastern, 4:30 pm Pacific
    3. May 8 7:30 pm eastern, 4:30 pm Pacific


  1. June Retreat: June 4 to 7, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 6:37 pm Pacific by President Greer
Respectfully Submitted By,
Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Secretary