CIT Meeting Notes

February 14, 2022

Meeting start 12:13pm EST

Roll Call, Present:

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Jenny Gough – absent excused
  3. Stephen Fitzmaurice
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Eric Driskill
  6. Ben Davis

President’s Report

  1. Update on communication and checking emails.
  2. Update on Keynote and Endnote speakers. Discussion of guidelines for speakers. Discussion of role of Parliamentarian.

Vice President


1. Approval of the January Minutes.


Paypall: $46,775.83

Wells Fargo: $ 65,860.44

TOTAL: $ 112,636.27

Professional Development

1. Conference updates – Conference committee soon to finish scoring proposals and submit final

schedule proof to the Board. Discussion of the need for volunteers for first time attendee



1. CIT Teacher Certification Taskforce update. Taskforce will meet during forum time at the


2. Discussion of CIT swag for sale for conference.

Meeting adjournment Minor/Driskill. Meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at

1:25pm EST.

Next meeting

March 28h 6-7pm EST

April 25th 12-1pm EST


SF/Driskill approve Jan min with revisions. passed majority

Motions prior to meeting (via email):


Move to accept the 2022 Budget as presented


Passed by majority vote