TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE, YOU NEED TO BE A FULL MEMBER BY SEPTEMBER 1, 2014.  (The current by-laws require being a full member 60 days in advance of the meeting.)
This video explains the process for voting at the 2014 CIT Business Meeting on October 31, 2014.  This year, we will be instituting electronic voting to make the process more efficient. You will be able to vote via text, or online using a computer or tablet.  (Paper ballots will also be available for those who who do not wish to vote electronically.)
The process is simple, and requires you entering your name, e-mail, and then confirm your phone number for texting if you wish to vote this way.  It only takes about 3 mins to register.
NOTE:  YOU NEED TO USE THE EMAIL ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR CIT ACCOUNT – which is the email in which you received this message.
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