One notable highlight of the 8th CIT National Convention was the creation of a mission statement. This was particularly fitting, given the convention theme, “New Standards in Interpreter Education.” It is axiomatic that a profession cannot hope to establish standards until it knows what it wants to stand for. CIT clearly states a position in the mission statement which is reproduced in its entirety as the frontispiece to this collection.
The convention was made possible by the work and commitment of several key people. Special thanks to convention co-chairs Darlene Allen and Cindy Herbst; program committee members Carol Patrie, chair, Sally Koziar, Rachel Naiman, Marty Taylor and Phyllis Wilcox; and to the entire 1988-1990 CIT Board under the leadership of President Betty Colonomos.
Finally, I would especially like to acknowledge Kay Tislar for her DTP “sleight of mouse” wizardry and Carol Patrie for her willingness to proofread the final manuscript.
Laurie Swabey, EditorĀ