Carole Lazorisak
by Carole Lazorisak, Director of Professional Development

English Version

Hello.  I am Carole Lazorisak, your director of professional development and conference planning coordinator.
There are some exciting things underway as the conference planning falls in place.  The hotel is all set, so make sure you make your reservations and get a room.  Conference registration is in full swing, so get your registration sent in if you haven’t already.
Trip to the Nightmare Factory:  For our trip to the Oregon School for the Deaf, please pay your $35 to reserve your seat.  This includes meals and will be a great way to spend  the evening of Hallowe’en.
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Greater Portland Pedometer Challenge: There will be the Pedometer Challenge.  Look for more information about how to sign up for that.
Finally, work has begun on the program book.  Holly Nelson has taken the lead on this, working with a team to have all of this information ready for the conference.
So, things are really underway.  So, I really encourage you to register and make sure you attend the wonderful conference that we have planned.